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so why havent i been on for much

well i havent been on much probably not much people xD if any noticed lol but well its cuz im addicted! (and vacations... going out and stuff) so all my online time i spend it on


:O wat is combat arms you say?

well its a pretty fun awesome game from NEXON (lol nexon sucks, but this game is pretty effing great) and its a MMOFPS (for people who dont know... like me a couple months ago its Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter *breathes*) so people who like MMO games should be ok with it, it doesnt have a single player campaign or anything, its all multiplayer which is totally awesome

now the game, for being free looks totally extremely awesome! it has some nice enviroments too. Now the characters are great too, you select one character model at first and you get your default gun and everything (also a free cap lol) the default gun kinda sucks compared to other guns so theres the gun rental system! its the shop well lol you buy the guns there for an amount of time (no permanent stuff) and also body eq, special weapons, etc...

now a lot of people whould think "well how crappy i cant keep the guns thats bullcrap!" no its not! :D cuz from matches you get money fairly easily and you should never encounter yourself needing more money (unless you use it non responsabily D:)

Weapons are amazing, theyre fairly balanced and if you find the right one for you youll definitely own all the n00bs lol they look pretty great too, unlike most MMOFPS games it really seems nexon cared about this and made guns look awesome (since well, you look at them all the time D: you dont wanna look at something crappy all the time) so theyre cool, and you can modify them too by adding scopes, supressors, and extended magazines!

btw the game has like 8 or 9 maps and 4 game modes, capture the flag, spy hunt, search & destroy, elimination.

its a pretty nice game, and if they sold it i would buy it, luckily its free! unless you want some alt versions of weapons, characters, scopes and stuff which are sold in the black market paid with nx cash which you get by trading real money for nx cash :p

the game also has an awesome messenger system and clan system :D so that really works good

and well D: i guess ill post some screeenies too! (pardon my lol but i play in lowest resolution and quality, obviously high settings look totally awesome)


lol those pics were just me and the point of them was looking at the weapons (since theyre rare, or unusual or have a rare scope :D) lol, ill take more of actual combat and post em later :D its a cool game, would be cool to see some people from GS play that game :p (last pic is my char :D)

20 things bout me lol

well since im bored (surprise D: lol no) and i saw Will47 and Ohno_Kateh do 20 things and Ohno_Kateh said her friends should make 20 things well ill make 20 things bout me

1) I listen to music everyday, in my PC and when im not home in my iPod :D

2) I deathcore, metalcore, hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo... etc

3) Some people might expect me to be some way because of the music i like and since i kinda like violent stuff(games, art... yeh stuff like that) , but im actually always joking and talking normally =/

4) Some people IRL think im dumb when they dont know me cuz of my jokes xD no one happens to get some of em until they know me

5) I like to get drunk, but when im drunk i wish i wasnt that drunk

6) I love to drink coke

7) I love energy drinks

8 ) I hate people who make fun or criticize other people to get the attention of people

9) I loooooooove to sleep

10) I can get obsessed sometimes with details in things i buy, since i want them to be perfect

11) My gf doesnt know i post on gamespot xD

12) I like art and drawing stuff

13) I have a Wii and i like it =( but i wish it had more memory and good HD graphics like the xbox 360 and PS3 so then maybe the wii would get all the good games that are only released for the 360&ps3

14) I have 3 cats D:

15) I love PC gaming but i have a crappy PC lol

16) I used to love pizza but then we started buyin pizza like 2 or 3 times a month and i got sick of it =/

17) My favorite games are: Dead Rising, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Resident Evil 4, 5, Super Mario Games, Mario Kart ( i actually like it more than realistic racing games D: i dont really dig those), Dead Space, Team Fortress 2. yeh i suppose those are my current faves, some of them i dont own but ive played em :D (DAMN I NEED A 360!!! RAWRRRR)

18 ) :3 I quit smoking, but i think i might go back if i get really stressed =(

19) If i had to choose id die before seeing any of my friends dying D: yeh my friends r important to mee

20) I am really good at cooking but its a pain in the butt coz it takes so long and you gotta clean it all up :[

Back from being suspended =(

Well ahhh

silly gamespot suspended me for my post of the angry homo kid in the YLYL thread like well, the day before yesterday only for one day, but i still think it was kinda unfair i mean there was much worst stuff there yet they only reported me, but hey! the kid's still a homo...

yesterday i actually had sum productive time (lol playing dead rising: chop till you drop) and well yeah, i came back at like 2 a.m. to check if i could post and i was still suspended so i played sum dead rising and went to sleep (grrrr friggin megaman outfit is so hard to get, like you gotta get an "S" rank on all these sniping missions and its kinda hard D: but ive only had the game for like 2 days so i suppose ill keep trying!)

ooh well yeah! i bought dead rising chop till you drop (lol) and the game is just fantastic! (i dont have a 360 D: yeh, i gotta get one of those) i dont know why gamespot reviewed it so low, the game is still fun, has a decent amount of zombies on screen and well yeah, the only bad thing is that you cant roam freely through the mall whenever you want to (on the xbox you can), ehh you cant jump (on the xbox you can...), and you cant take pictures... wait taking pictures was kinda the point of the game =/ its still a fun game :D

yeh :p i guess thats it!;)

oh! and since im in the mood for all this dead rising stuff ;D theres these funny videos that well i kinda watched a few years ago but now i watched them again lol, theyre really funny! so yeah =/ they have swearing so if you dislike swearing or something well that sucks cuz the videos r funny, theyre of megaman (frank west dressed as megaman!) and his short adventure going to willamette mall (like 3 mins each video)

so here they are!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

so my blog is lonely D:

yeh, i know i pretty much never post a blog or maybe no one has noticed cuz i got like few friends but i guess ill start writing more blogs!


eh well last month was my birthday ;) march 19 i didnt get any special presents just went out to drink with some friends and then bought a dead fred which is a pretty cool pen holder

dead fred:

so well it was a cool bday, ;D

i guess thats it :D

introducing myself!

well, yeah i guess i should introduce myself to people now


my real name is Diego

im 15 years old

yep, i live in mexico

and now hobbies! xD i enjoy listening to music at all times (kinda metalcore, post hardcore, alternative rock, metal, nu metal, deathcore, stuff like that)

some bands i like are

as i lay dying


august burns red

at the drive-in

atreyu (their old stuff)

bring me the horizon

blind witness

dead man in reno

the devil wears prada

the autumn offering



the mars volta

darkest hour


a day to remember

dead to fall

haste the day

here comes the kraken


i killed the prom queen


serj tankian

aystem of a down

scars on broadway


sinai beach

sky eats airplane

suicide silence

yeaaa... stuff like that, theres more bands =/ but i guess those are enough

i also like playing games (a-duh), own a wii and a normal xbox (plans on getting a 360, but i only got like so far 300 dollars, so i can buy the pro version YET i obviously need games and in halo 3, dead space, gears of war 1 & 2 [cuz i need both or 2 wont play properly~ ive heard], fable 2, soul calibur IV, fallout 3, and the games to come... well its a ****load of cash!!!, so i guess ill stick to both gears, gta iv, halo 3, dead space, Resident Evil 5 [when it comes out] =/ hope i get cash on my birthday... WHICH IS IN MARCH TOO!)

on the wii though, i got wii fit (cuz balance board with punch out!! if it has support will be awesome), wii play, wii sports, no more heroes, resident evil 4, mario kart wii, and other games i dont remember... the wii is kinda crappy when you compare it to gears of war n stuff =(

and i like talking, hangin around with friends... stuff like that xD

and well bad stuff about me is that i smoke and drink...

i guess thats about it so :p thanks if u managed to read it all and hope to see ya around! :D

so i just joined!

HELLOOOOOO PEOPLE (if anyone's reading :S)

:D well, its my 1st blog post :p

just trying it out hehe

yeah, i used to be a member of GS before, but then i forgot all my info and stopped caring but i guess im back :D