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Last night I was looking at hastings website and they had a really good sell going on. I addeded about 24 movies & 6 games into my shopping cart.It was sitting at about 70$ when I noticed shipping was like 80 freaking bucks!!! They were trying to charge me more money for bloody shipping than my actual merchandise.I just had to get that out because I was really exited then sad then really mad with hasting!!!

Leveling up

I created a Gamespot account yesturday.I looked at how to level up, and it said to blog,look at forums,read reviews and other things.I did all of those things and Ive been on almost all day and it says level 1 (74) %.Thats what it was when I got on this morning.Im also exepting friends, and hope that people like you who are reading this will continue reading my blogs.Hopefully in the future after I get up to level 3 You will be reading my reviews.My first review will be for Battlefield Bad Company for the Xbox 360.I know its older and every one knows what it is, and has played B-Company 2, but it is still a very very good game. I feel I have to say what I think about it, and I hope you will read it.

Next gen consoles

Next generations consoles are coming up. At E3 Nintendo announced that the Wii U will be coming out some time in 2012.There also have been rumors that Microsofts new Xbox will be coming out in 2013. It will most likely be called an Xbox 720.Sony sadly has not made any announcements about a PS4, but has been talking about there next handheld system the PS Vita. The Wii U will be backwards compatible with the Wii controllers as you have seen in the trailer that was shown at E3.The girl put the Wii U controller on the ground, and on the Wii U screen it showed a golf ball on the ground.The girl in the trailer took a Wii controller and acted like it was a golf club while looking at the Wii U controller and swung the Wii remote.The screen on the Wii U is a touch screen.If someone wants to watch something on tv you can just change the channel, and leave the Wii U on and play the game on the controller. You can also doodle on the Wii U controller ect.There hasn't been anything on the Xbox 720 exept the rumor of it comes out in 2013.Sony hasn't announced anything on the PS4, but the PS Vita most likely will come out at the end of 2011.The PSVita's graphics should be like the PS3's graphics.This time around it will have two flat analog sticks instead of one. The back of the system has some touch abilities. You only need two systems this time around you don't need three. I like to think of it as your guns you have your main gun and your secondary gun.PS4 or Xbox 720 should be your main console and the Wii U should be your secondary console.The good thing for Nintendo is either way you should have a Wii U. You should get your main system at launch.If you get your secondary system at launch when you get your main sytem you will find your secondary console boring most likely.Personaly im going to get a Xbox 720 and Wii U.