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Its not all its cracked up to be

I recently got Liberty city stories. And a PSP. And I love them both, I can't stop playing it. I also got Capcom Classics Collection Remixed. I haven't played it yet but will soon. Anyway, ever since I got the PSP Gamespot really hasn't seemed that interesting. Its kinda got boring. I miss a day in the Wolf O'donnel union and there is a bunch of posts that I recently would have replied to in a heartbeat but really didn't find them entertanning. I hardly posted back. I also haven't been on as munch. Summer started and now I have no school, so am I gonna post more or less? I wanna keep posting, but at the current time its not fun at all.

This summer I am going to work with my dad in order to get $5,000. I'm gonna use most of it for buying a PS3 and fixing my truck. I might have to help him build a house in Astoria or Sandy. If its in Astoria then its going to be a couple condos. We are going to keep one for ourselfs and sell the rest. They all have a great view of the ocean. Or maybe its a river going into the Ocean, I can't remember. All I know is ours has the best view of them all. And I'm glad about that. And they are huge. Well, not really that big but they are two stories and have a laundry shoot. But thats all I know. My dad started building a few months ago. So I might have to be building with him in Sandy. But it really doesn't matter to me, I just want the money.

On June 19th I am going to see X-men three with a couple of my friends. We are also going to stay up all night and play Silent Hill. They wanna see me beat it. Which is kinda bad on my part because I have beat it a couple of times. So its going to be kinda boring. But one of my friends is also going to bring Resident Evil Outbreak. But hows that any better? I would have done this on this weekend, but my friend had to go on a cruise. Both of them are on this site, but one of them is banned. And the other just never posts. But he recently posted in a union. Which was a huge surprise. he just really can't stay on-topic. But I'll keep yelling at him until he does.

All in all I'm just glad summer has started. I have been sleeping alot more and not waking up to a really boring day. Or even on the weekends I don't have to wait for the inevitable school. So I feel alot better. Almost not as depressed as munch. I think that school is evil though. And I HATE it!!! One of the other students, on the last day, gave me all of his art projects. he was just gonna smash them but I stopped him. He let me have them. I believe he was from....well... I van't remember right now. All I know is that it was near Australia. And no, it was not New Zealand.       

Has anyone ever heard the song In A Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterflies? Its a really long song. No, really ita like somewhere between 18-20 mintues. But I like it. I'm listing to it right now. Just a few seconds ago I was listing to Sephiroths theme from Final Fantasy Advenvt Children. Which was a really good movie by the way. I want to get it really bad. I forgot to mention earlier but some other stuff I got for my birthday was a Friday the 13th Mask that was a cast from the original. I am looking every where for the Friday the 13th box set. I already have all if the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I can spare Freddy VS. Jason. That movie wasn't that great. But this isn't the first time I want a horror movie series that isn't Hellraiser. I will get those hard to come by movies later. And I just have the first Halloween movie. I like the series but hated the Season of the which. Michael wasn't even in that one! These stupid robot thingys were. I know WTF. But speaking of that series The new Halloween move ( Halloween 9 Retribution ) is going to be directed by Rob Zombie. Thats just because the old director, Moustapha Akkad, died. Which is a tragedy. I think Rob will mess up the new movie. But thats all I have time for right now so until my next blog, Bye.

What does June 9th and have in commom?

 Nothing. but read on. Well tomorrow/today/whenever else is my birthday. I know for sure I'm gonna get a PSP. I have benn waiting for one for awhile. I got Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories on Sunday. I know I got the game before the system. And I'm mad about it. Well only a few hours left till then. And it usually takes people about a day or two to respond so I can wait. Also, does anyone know how long those Union glitches last? The union I belong to has benn level 2 for a month or two.

After some recent postings I came across two blasts from the past. Anyone remember these guys:

I know freaky. Kinda gives ya the chills.


Anyway I need to know what kind of good PSP games there are. Since I'm getting one I need to collect games. And so far I only have GTA liberty city stories. I NEED MORE GAMES!!! So i'm open to all reccomdimansions. And they do NOT include any of those god awful pics. Somethign with a dark theme to it. Thanx in advace. Man how do some people write thos really long blogs, its impossible. Also how do you change the color of the writting?

I also belong to Same name as here. And I have a couple of favorite videos. Soon I will start posting videos there. So i'll say once I finally can. Also does anybody know how?

hellraiser for the NES

Ok, the first thing ya think is look what a surprise Fords talkin abotu Hellraiser, wuts that have to do woth video games? Well after some research I found out that there was a Hellraiser video game that was never released. Why you ask? Well I know what somebody is gonna say, the series was never that popular, but people in my case really wish that it did come out. I love the series and can't be the only one. AT first I found it on one website and thought it was fake, until I looked on some other sites. I just can't find it here. If you don't belive me then here:

New icon

HI peoples. i changed my icon and out a new picture at the top. is it cool? I found it accindently while lookin for Pinhead pics for a Hellraiser gallery. Once I saw it I had to have it. I'm interested to know what other people have to say about it. And please don't judge me, I just like the Hellraiser movie series. Invented by Clive Barker, writer of the Abarat.

And yes, that is jamie Lee Curtis standing on front of the star of the halloween movies. Michael Myers. AKA The Shape. And now actually looking at that site I have found out that Rob Zombie is going to direct the new Halloween movie. Well the old director did die saldy. Aww well I can't wait for the new movie.

Demon Days!

I just bought the Music video DVD. For those of you that do not know what this is, this is the Gorillaz Live performance at the Manchester Opera House. It shows what most of the members look like. Ok so it shows all of the except for the guy who does 2-D's voice. They sound really good, but the song choice was not the best. Some of them were a little slow.

But the characters are cool. They Are my favorite thing about the band is there animation. The four charatcers are:


He is the leader of the band. The reason he doen't have any eyes is because they got knocked into the back of his head. This happend becouse of two accidenst. The first was when He was working at his dads flower shop one night. Murdoc broke into the shop with his car and hit him. Is next eye he lost when He was trying to impress his Girl friend. He did a 360 spin and flew out of the wind shield. He earned the nickname 2-D for that reason. Its what Murdoc calles him.


Murdoc is the Satanic member of the band. He considers himself the leader. Although he didn't do anything special. He is the one that everybody hates.


The only girl in the band. She is a Super soldir from japan. The government is after her so if you have ever seen the music video to Feel good inc. that is why the helicopters are chasing her. Her name is noodle because she arrived at the Gorillaz hour in a fed-ex box and only spoke one word of English. Noodle. She did die in the end of El Manana


Nothing special about him except for the fact he is a gangtser under a witness protection program. He plays the drums and is really stupid.

Thats all the members. My favorite song by them is a tibetween Feel good inc. and El Manana. the music videos are cool also. One more thing there will be a Gorillaz Movie coming out this year. I will see it!

I want this car!!

For such a long time I have wanted a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. It is just a really cool car. I love old cars, and this Plymouth never got that famous. If you have ever seen Christine then it will look very familer. The one in Christine was a Fury. The Belvedere looks cooler. Here is what it looks like.

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