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A New Record

In speed and longjevity; it's not all that fast.

17,070 words in 3 hours. 94.83 WPM. Sadly that wasn't the editorial so it's all so pointless and empty.

Sorry, John. I'll try harder next time. :( I've got time until the weekend!

The Greatest Ever Podcast and Twenty Two Years and 1.75 Days On Earth
Click on the link below. Listen to the link below. Love me.

Greatest Ever Podcast.

Hyperbole aside it contains a review of Saints Row the Third that covers everything from Adam Sessler's fakeness to the intricacies of Australian Hip Hop without ever telling you anything about the game itself. And it lasts at least 40 minutes. Parts have been edited out to avoid law suits, and there's an unwanted 10 minute rant about World of Warcraft and Korean MMORPGs. Michael Pachter has a break down, and people are categorically described as idiots.

The other thing in the title was yesterday, obviously. The thing not in the title will hopefully by this week. The editorial about GS' self destruction, that is. This is not that; nevertheless up yours GS. Up yours.