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A gaming related post for once!

Well, Final Fantasy XII finally came out in Aus on Thursday so after having to wait one extra day I finally got my overly excited hands on the beast that I had been waiting a LONG time for!

So far i'm about 1 hour in and I have to say first impressions are good the voice acting is alright even if the lip syncing is terrible and the voices really do not at all go with the characters. The

graphics are absolutely superb and most definatly some of the best graphics I've seen on the quickly aging ps2.

The new combat really is just brilliant! It feels so much more organic and realistic than the turn-based combat that we have seen in previous Final Fantasy games, not only that but it gives you so much freedom and you really feel like you can fight how you want.

I'll update you more as I go along but an hour in and I'm loving it!


Another highlight would be killing that crazy Tomato thing! :D Seriously wtf was that? Very enjoyable to slash a deranged Tomato to death I have to say. ;)

Grand final pictures and qoutes.

Let's start of with some quotes by Adelaide’s players and coach and some of Melbourne’s players replies.

Aloisi was angry after he was sent off for two yellow cards and had this to say on the matter.

"I never even touched the player the first time," Aloisi told Fox Sports.

"I mean, Kevin Muscat kills our player on the halfway line from behind and gets him, and doesn't get a booking."

"And I don't even touch the player and get booked ... the second yellow card - Jesus, if I've seen a softer yellow card ... "

Veart one of the A-League's best and most experienced players who played in Europe for a decade had this to say about the officials at the match..

"Melbourne have done well today, but we felt we were harshly done by. I think the three blind mice could have done a better job out there," Veart said.

"The league's got to have a look at it. The players are getting very professional now, and we're getting basic errors made every week."

"It's just not good enough. This league has to look at getting better officials and start getting someone to start looking at the officials again." (The referee for the match was in fact one of the referees at the 2006 fifa world cup)

"How can they get away with basic mistakes every week and come out and get big games again?"

Kosmina was fined and banned from coaching his time on the sideline after an altercation with referee Mathew Breeze in their preliminary final against Newcastle United Jets which they won to face Melbourne in the grand final.

Not only that but Mathew Kemp Adelaide's first choice left back was suspended in the final after picking up a yellow card in their game against Newcastle. It probably shouldn't have been a yellow.

Kevin Muscat Melbourne's captain defended the referees and his tackles.

"Regardless of whether that tackle went in or not, we were going to go on and win the game," Muscat said.

"Regardless of any decisions, any offsides, the goal that was disallowed, regardless of all that, sometime you've got to admit that the better team won."

A-League chief Matt Caroll was far from impressed with Adelaide's attitude and has said they are considering fines and further action against the players and the club. He had this to say.

"We were disappointed with the behaviour of some of the Adelaide United players... at best it was poor sportsmanship, at worst it was sort of almost park-like behaviour," Carroll said in Sydney.

"We expect a lot more from professional athletes."

"It doesn't do credit to the club, it doesn't do credit to the players and it doesn't do credit to Australian sport."

Carrol said some Adelaide players may be facing disciplinary action after the incidents.

"We're reviewing a number of incidents both on-field and off-field... it is possible (there will be) fines and sanctions for some of the players," he said.

And now for some pics.

 Daniel Allsopp and Grant Brebner celebrate.

The Adelaide faithful.

Archie Tompson slots it passed Beltrame.

How many goals did Thompson score?

Kristain Sarkies puts the ball in the back of the net for Melbourne's sixth.

Kevin Muscat and Carl Veart fight for the ball.

Adelaide's captain Ross Aloisi is sent off for a second bookable offence.

Melbourne's goalkeeper Michael Theoklitos in the smoke of a flare that the Blue and Whie Brigade (Melbourne's supporter's group) had let off.

Theoklitos rising up to punch the ball clear.

Archie Thompson celebrates his hat trick.

Archie Thompson celebrates another of his goals.

Archie Thompson scores.

And again.

Melborne's team poses for the trophy photo.


We're so good it's unbelievable!

Woah, woah, woah and woah!
Tonight Melbourne Victory absolutely DESTROYED Adelaide United in the A-League grand final.

I've never seen anything like it! never seen Victory play so well and seen very few teams want to win something so very much!

Was just unbelievable not only that but the fact that we got the second largest EVER attendance to anything in the Telstra Dome says something about how far the sport has come in only two years but what says more about it is the amazing atmosphere that 55,436.:D

Onto the match now.

Melbourne scored early on after only 21 minutes through Archie Thompson who was played through by Fred after a great ball from Scotish midfielder Grant Brebner who may not even have played due to injury. Archie slotted home passed the Daniel Beltrame and the ball hit the post and dribbled over the line. A desperate lunge by an Adelaide defender was too late and Archie celebrated his second. Just 8 minutes later Archie scored again this time after a great run into the box by strike partner Allsopp who passed it to Fred who then played it to Archie who was inside the 6 yard box and he was never going to miss. Thins got even worse for Adelaide as their captain Ross Aloisi picked up a second yellow card after a crude tackle on Brebner. As half time loomed Archie scored his first hat trick for Melbourne Victory as he weaved his way Around United's defence and fired him to make it 3-0.

As soon as the second half started the Victory wanted more blood and barely 45 seconds into it Archie almost found his fourth but was denied by the cross bar after a long ball. Allsopp and Fred lurched forward looking to get a goal from themselves but Alsopp fired at Beltrame and the rebound fell out to Fred who then fired into the post from a tight angle. Thompson got his fourth of the night and created a new A-League record for the first player to ever score four goals in a A-League match Fred recorded his third assist as he played a ball through to Archie who calmly slotted home one on one with Beltrame. Ernie Merrick made a couple of changes following the goal bringing on youngster Lee Broxam for Scottish veteran Grant Brebner and bringing on the English semi-final hero James Robinson for Adrian Caceras who had just played the game of his life. In the 63rd minute Adelaide had thought they had scored through a neat finishing by Nathan Burns but the young striker was ruled off-side and the goal was chalked off. Bruce Djite who had just come on nearly provided a consolation goal as his shot was deflected onto he crossbar. The following Victory counter attack however did yield a goal as Archie broke his own record and raised his unbelievable tally to an amazing five! Sarkies was brought on moments later and in the 93rd minute of 93 minutes of stoppage time capped the night of perfectly with a brilliant long range curling shot that found the top corner.

Just a fantastic game and night. :D The funniest thing would have to be when John Howard was giving out the medals Kristian Sarkes kissed him on his balled spot! :lol:

Here's a couple of pics for you...

Archie and Muscat kissing the trophy.

Archie celebrating after one of his goals.

Home Grand Final it is then!

On Sunday I went to the best football match I've seen in person! (Just pipping the CCM 3-3 draw due to what this win meant!:P) The atmosphere was fantastic! I was sitting near the BwB (main supporters group sing the whole game etc) so the atmosphere wa always good in my area (hey it's a large stadium!:P) and I had a perfect view of all the games. Before we get to the match let's set the scene we had gone to Adelaide a week before and drawn 0-0 (which is an okay resuilt) meaning that if Adelaide score against us we HAVE to score more than they do as due to the away goals rule Adelaide would go through if they drew 1-1 or 2-2 etc etc. A 0-0 would resuilt in two 15 minute halves of extra time and if that still couldn't seperate a winner then it would go to a penalty shoot out.

Now onto the match.

After only a couple of minutes Adelaide attacked down their left flank and the ball was crossed in for Travis Dodd to trickle a header home just passed Theoklitos. This disaster now meant that we had to score atleast two goals to host the grand final (if we lost we would then play Newcastle for a place in the grand final against Adelaide. ;)). Soon after the goal Fred was brought down in the box for what looked like a sure penalty but somehow the Mark Shield (the ref) decided that Fred dived and he picked up a yellow card! The rest of the first half was mainly us attacking but we could not get a break through.

The second half started and we were looking more determined than ever with some fantastic attacking play and after only a few minutes Danny Allsopp beat two defenders to make his way into the box and finish emphaticly with a fantastic left footed finish that left Adelaide's keeper with no chance. We continued to attack with as much vigour but after some time we lost our momentum and our attacking flair so Ernie Merrick brought on Sarkies who didn't have a huge impact so after a few more minutes he broguht on Allessandro who did make an impact and livend up our attack. However we still couldn't get the breakthrough so with 6 minutes remaining enter James Robinson for Fred (who had not been the same player this game after a a nasty tackle). the team was looking rejuvinated now and we continued to attack but could still not find a breakthrough. After 90 minutes was up the assistant referee signalled that there would be four minutes of stoppage time which by many accounts should have been a lot more considering the amount of time the Adelaide players spent lying on the ground "injured" only to after a couple of minutes make a miracoulas recovery. So we continued to attack and after 91 minutes we got a free kick on the left flank (near where Adelaide had crossed the ball in for Dodd to head home and right near where I was sitting) the delivery into the box was a good one and James Robinson not in a good position to shoot tried to flick it back to one of his team mates but the ball somehow floated into the top corner! They had seemingly done it! They'd done the unthinkable and managed to come back from 2-1 against a team who last season we could not even score against! It was not over yet though as minutes later Travis Dodd again had a great chance to score. A one on one with Theokltios but Theoklitos saved with his leg and Adelaide knew that, that was the game. :D

Somewhat of a biased match report but who cares! :D

Footballs, Moderations and Carbon!

"Well let's start of by explaining my week long absense from this forum.

My first EVER post in system was resuilted in a week long suspension in an ironic twist of fate. You shall see why I say ironic by reading the post - "

I don't usualy post in System Wars as I don't want to be on the same level as the plebs that post in here (no offence)I just read and laugh but this thread is just brilliant!

you took exactly what I thought and put it into words.

If you were being sarcastic though, then I'm as stupid as most pople that post here are. "

Frustrating to be banned for something so seemingly inocent but hey it was worth it for the ironic humour.

Oh and if re-posting it here gets me banned again then get the :lol: out and party! :D

Now onto Need For Speed: Carbon for the wii which I just realised finished. It was exactly the sort of follow up to NFS: Underground that NFS: Underground two should have been but was disappointignly not. The game just had something aboutit that I was un-able to find in a racing game since NFS: Underground, not to mention it was just insanely fun!

Oh and greatly looking forward to the 4th of febuary as I shall be going to the second leg of the a-league semi-final (we drew 0-0 against Adelaide in the first leg) so it should be an exciting match and to top it off I shall be sittting next to the Blue and White Brigade (the supporters group. Fantastic atmosphere) can't wait. :D

Oh and the novel I'm writting has made it to the milestone mark of 200 pages!

On a final note. Wii=awesome. :P

Queensland, you're worse than the kiwis!

I went to melbourne v Queensland tonight was the best game of the season so far (well equal best with the sydney game) 26k people a day after the afl grand final and during the nrl grand final is a huge audience. And what a game it was Quuensland were completly out classed to be honest. the melbourne scorers were Muscat who scored 2 penalties (one a hand ball the other a mis timed slide tackle) and Fred scored the first goal of the game early on. I was right behind the goal that he scored in and it has to be equal best goal I've seen in person. He weaves his way passed a few defenders then a perfect 1on1 finish. Pure class.

And to top if of we were sitting next to one of the melbourne supporter groups. :) didn't stop chanting all game.

Evil clerks.

Well an old friend from primary school who I hadn't seen in a month or two came over today and we went to a movie but when we got to the movie we realised we didn't have the tickets. :x we were about 2 dollars short of the price for normal tickets and we didn't take our concession cards because we already had tickets and I'm known at the cinema and they've often let me or my sister in when we've forgoten our concession cards but the idiot didn't let us in. :/ Oh well we just did stuff at my house instead. :/

Not like that you perv. *rolls eyes*

Anyway can't wait untill sunday Melbourne v Queensland top of the table clash. :D

Melbourne V CCM

Went to the Central Coast Marienrs v Melbourne Victory game today. Didn't start of well with the security guard at the disabled area claiming you had to be in a wheel chair to get in. -_- When she realised you didn't have to we got in fine.

Anyway onto the game 1-0 to the victory was the final score. Probably should've had another 4 goals with Caceras missing 2 easy chances Allsop missing a few too and Archie. Geez a lot of easy chances missed. Anyway Archie scored the winner soon after half time and we managed to hold on. Theoklitos played brilliantly making a great 1on1 stop in the first half and a few very agile saves in the second that kept CCM from snatching the game. Overall a pretty good game.

Anyway later on tonight is MU v Arsenal so looking forward to that too. :D

Melbourne v Sydney and Steve Irwin

we'll start of with the good news.

On saturday I went to Melbourne Victory vs Sydney United at Telstra Dome. The crowd was an amazing 40k people (more than a lot of AFL games which a huge acheivment especialy so when you consider the lack of media coverage). Anyway 40k people meant a brilliant atmosphere. Anyway we (Melbourne) won 3-2 in a thrilling game in the first 12 minutes there were two goals (Allsop tapping in after a corner and Muscat converting a penalty after Allesandro was brought down in the box) and a sending off after I've forgoten who but the acting Sydney captain first fouled Allesandro and got a yellow then kicked him whilst Allesandro was on the ground resuilting in a second yellow and a sending off. just before half time Sydney scored making it 2-1 then in around the 1 hour mark a beautiful long ball from Kevin Muscat made it passed Milligan and dropped for Allsop perfectly who lobbed it over the keeper just outside the box. Then in the 82nd minutes David Carney managed to pull one back after his long shot was deflected in. Melbourne managed to hold on though. brilliant game marred by Fred elbowing Milligan in the neck (Milligan deserved it he'd been foulding Allessandro and Fred all game long :P). and the Melbourne fan group throwing a flair down from the top of the ground which hit the bottom row.

Now onto the bad news Steve Irwin was killed today by a stingray. :/ I always quite liked him but he probably won't be missed by a lot of aussies after his baby stunt. You should look passed that and think about what he did for animal especialy dangerous ones reputations in this country. RIP Stevo. :(

Melbourne V Adelaide.

Went to the Melbourne Adelaide game at Olympic Park tonight was a fantastic match Melbourne won 2-0 could easily have been 5-1 but was fantastic. Muskat scored a penalty after Allesandro's brilliant run into the box he was then hacked down and muscat made no mistake fromt he spot. ;) the second goal came from the subsitute Claudinho after Danny Allsop had cut into the box frmo the left shot 1on1 it rebounded off the keeper to Claudinho who tapped it in.

The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic with over 15 and a half thousand people.

Unfortunatly before the game about 1k fans couldn't get in untill half time because they had to pick up their membership tickets (luckily we received ours in the mail).

Well that's all was a great match.