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Dropping Backwards Knowledge re. US Foreign and Immigration policies


"Oh, it's just another podcast?" I hear the cretins utter. But the title rings true. Even more amazing is the fact that I manage to give first impressions and final thoughts of a game in the one podcast; surely a world first? We get a lot of those, considering this podcast was recorded last month and the things we're discussing. That's why you know you can trust us on secret government machinations. We're basically the Rothschilds minus most of the incest. Most. Remember you soon.

Mindblowing and provocative podcast:

Speaking of in-bred **** fests, the good guys at the gufu brocast apparently name dropped Tom Towers, so I'm linking to that too because anything with Tom Towers in it in any form is worthy of a link. Tom Towers himself might even listen to it tomorrow morning; just to hear his name spoken by peasants while he sips his morning chardonay and whips his slaves.


Tom Towers Has One Hell of a Brain. We Should Call Him Brain. Or Brian...
Tom Towers and Phil Fogg.

And this is not even the most retarded thing about my brain. But seriously, try some acid or at the very least get hit really hard in the head by a baseball bat (it's really not that bad; don't even have a scar from it FFS). Anything but Rez or Dyad. Or even Lumines...

Oh, here's what I'm talking about. I almost forgot; my brain is such a dick:

This is how games look on my television...


No wonder the PC is next-gen. Speaking of next-gen, want to hear me ramble about it with some random American with an Australian accent? We also talk about things we've already talked about like Deadly Premonition, both Metro games...and the new stuff is Proteus and To the Moon. A sad state of affairs, I dare say. But a fine podcast nonetheless:

Game Under Podcast Episode 5 Horror Special
I comfort Phil Fogg.

We got an expert in to interrupt and annoy, and also played a bunch of incredibly un-scary games that happen to be listed as horror because we're cowards. Or at least the other guy is....Amityville scarred him for life. Let's all laugh at him.

Hell, we even got a bunch of comments on this one. One guy who commented we don't even know! And it's only 3 hours...

Link, GS y u hat us:

Game Under (1 hour) Episode 2
Phineas "Frog" struts his stuff.*

Nintendo (and Yakuza/Hot Shots Golf: Kazzy!) forced our hand with their many announcements. So we decided to be prompt and make a short podcast about it now that it is irrelevant again. That's how we roll.*