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Bioshock Infinite and Manly Men in Flying Machines


Leisure Suit Larry: braver than Infinite. (Forgot to call it citizen kane, though!)

Infinite: more numerous than Bioshock.

Space Marine: "Shakespearian writing." - Phil Fogg.

Worms Revolution: "it's as if she didn't want to die."

News: Phil Fogg is honest to a fault.

Haters and Hilarity + Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Review

Remember that interview? Here's how the saga ends:

Remember episode 15 of the Game Under Podcast? Here's a link for Sandpiper:

Speaking of the podcast, this made my day:

"Ok this guy is a total moron. Colours not good? What is going on here? It's known as one of the best looking game this generation. Dave get rid of this nerd. He struggles with speech and has no clue and poor taste. This new listener lasted 16 minutes...How does this guy rate uncharted so poorly? He's a twit. Unsubscribe."

Validation at last!

Tom Towers writes reviews too? Since when? Weird:

Self-Interview and The Walking Dead

I attempted to interview Craig Zinkievich and failed in the most amusing way possible:

And because it's episode 15, it was time to do a long podcast again. This one clocked in at almost 3.5 hours, and features Bioshock 2, Hotline Miami, The Walking Dead Spoilercast, 400 Days, synaesthesia and more! Lots more:


Phil Fogg: "Bioshlock."


Send all hatemail to or his twitter account (what a sellout): (eww).

Preferably after listening to the podcast: (yuck).

Sandpiper-friendly link:

Stalkers and Cannibals (P.S. Uncharted 3 is racist)


Seriously. What the hell is going on? I came across this very regularly. At best it's impromptu worst...:X

Oh, a podcast:

Link for Sandpiper:

Uncharted 3: 4.5

Phil hiding from Tom's wrath. Badly.

Phil was stunned into silence pretty much the whole time. Technically if it wasn't in the Uncharted series perhaps I could have stretched it to 6, not just 5, so partial credit to Champgau.

Send all hate mail to the comments section below (before or after listening):

Sandpiper-friendly link coming soon!

"Nintendo's E3 Direct Was SO Racist"
Phil Fogg.

Phil Fogg had some sort of aneurysm when I said Nintendo won E3 because of Iwata's suit and the briefness of their conference. This resulted in him going into an amazing rant about how racist Nintendo was. It's probably the best thing we'll ever do. It needs to be heard, and we have a time line so just look down at Nintendo, then up at the player and select the right time. Seriously. It's amazing. Also, Norendo.

Phil Fogg goes into melt down: