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Okay, he does look like a bit of a rapist. Or at the very least a serial killer.

More GTA V, Saints Row and The Raven. But more importantly: Dragon's Crown:

Disclaimer: Australians Can't Count



Devolver Digital asked for a disclaimer. :( Boo!

Podcast, Please

Think about it.

Yes, no technical difficulties this time around:

Gotta get that plug in at the end. Pity there was no person to name erroneously...oh wait.

Also, rape: h

Simon Says

Oops: I said Max has no armpit hair, but it turns out he does as you can see.

Can now drink in America:

Ian Bogost the Boss
Just look at those silky smooth locks of hair.

Episode 20 (It's only 4 hours long, so anyone should be able to listen):

Just Add Lake

There's too much to mention in this episode of the podcast, so i'll let the gif do the talking for you: