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Moving to IGN. final blog. Or side usage for that matter.

Well, i suppose the title says it all. Thinking about everything i dislike about GS (reviewers, general community (not you, my dear reader, ofcourse ;) ) the reviewing system, etc, etc) I'm moving to IGN. Greener pastures and all that. There, i'll continue my struggle against bad taste, common sense and the warped values of our consumerist society, away from the oppression of the evil and malignant shenanigans of the moderators and admins here (not you, steel :P ) If anyone is still interested in reading my blog and reviews (regardless of how small that chance is) here is the link for my new page. A bit spartan at the moment, but i'll update it once i ..well. feel like it.
I'll be around long enough to process the expected hundreds of mails begging me to stay, and to respond to any comments (i like my illusions. Let me have them) to this blog. (you self-important **** for example)
To my friends here: Hope everything will work out, and that the untimely destruction of humankind by my hand won't trouble you too much. All the happiness in the world to you. *big hug*

To the GS staff, moderators and admins (excluding you, steel)

Have a nice day, and be sure to atleast pay a courtesy visit to my new page. Or i'll have yer face.

5 things you never knew you didn't want to know about me.

Well, this time i did want to make a blog about the awesomeness of Civilization 4, my webcomic aspirations and some spongebob squarepants. Thanks to Valek, however, this won't be the case. Nooo. I have to reveal five things about myself, to both forfill my part in another internet fad, and my friendlist obligations. Nevertheless, may the pale ass of revenge crap you in the face for this, Valek :P

Let's get down to it. (if i do it wrong, it's because i've never done this before. But i can't do things wrong, so that won't be an issue)

1. I'm suprisingly sensitive. I mean, even little crap things like someone abusing me in CSS can make me lose sleep at night thinking about it. Wich, in turn, annoys me even more. Thinking, thinking and yet more thinking about it, and i still get pissed at myself for being like that. You'd think i could let it go after maybe an entire night, but nope. it can take up to a week sometimes for me to let things like that go. Rawr. It would be much easier if i had "hands on" access to these people. Much easier.

2. I don't have any ''real'' friends. Yes, pathetic as it might sound (although, in my defense, i moved to england a while back. And i do harbror a intense dislike for every other human being in my surroundings) Sure. I know people, and have a few friends over the internet. But still, i've never bothered with trying to get a "real" friend. Sure, i can always rationalize and justify it by , saying that i don't "need" anyone, or that i've never tried to find one. Wheter or not this is just self-deciet i'm sure i'll find out sooner or later, but i like it better like this. If someone irritate me, i mute them. In real life i'd get thrown in jail for that sort of thing.

3. I've always had a pretty cynic look on religion. Not that i would like to offend any readers, (ok, i really don't care. But still. I'd love to hear a different take on it) In my eyes, religion (let's say the christianity, for the sake of simplicity) is just used to A. Fool guillible people into giving money, power and a raised status to the people who take advantage of ignorance. Atleast out of my historical standpoint, christianity was first a small religion, viciously hunted by (what are now seen as) Pagan followers. Far as i know, the earliest examples of christianity followed a love/tolerance and charitable kind of book. Later, as christianity gained in power (after the fall of rome, and the stronger disbelief in the roman dieties) Jesus suddenly got called the sun of god by the hotshots in the church. (Even though historical records showed him as just a nice guy) and the now reversed position of the kind where love/tolerance and charity got switched with no other gods beside me, vicious hunting of "pagans" and a methaporical holy war up the ass of anyone that said differently. Just look at Gallileo (spelling?) ...Wait, i forgot my point) oh. My extended point would be that it's a religion that promotes violence against differently thinking groups, paying for forgivness and a general belive what we say, or we spit at you type of attitude.Hm. I suppose this doesn't really count, but i'm sure half-assed writing and badly thought trough ideas is more than familiar with my readers by now.

4.I'm lucky. The big things in life always seem to work out for me, things like jobs, entertainment and well..overall life issues always work for me. As to oppose this, smaller things have a way to go to hell. It feels like i could run right out in front of a train and get away scotch free, but the chance of being crapped on the head by a bird is gigantical. Oh well. Atleast it isn't reversed.

5. I've played Baldur's Gate now to the point of were i can literarily repeat almost all the dialouge in the series word for word. Just wanted to say that. I'm so proud :D

So, that's it. 5 boring, disappointing and inane facts. Enjoy.

A new side of the pancake

Ahh...The air somehow seems fresher (despite me not having aired the place out for quite some time) and ..everything just seem brighter and better. The reasonb for this would be my ''new'' computer. It IS new, but not new in the sense as it can handle crysis. A simple laptop with 1.5 intel pentinum dual core, and the other usual thingies. Although i would have liked the chance to get back in touch with newer games i'll just have to accept that i'm stuck with something less for a while. Still, there's no reason to fret. I can atleast play my insanely large colletion of older pc games, and that alone should keep me occupied for some while.
It's nice to be back on the web, and the recurring nightmares and shakes has stopped now, save for a few that comes whenever i need to restart the router. Gaaah.
To celebrate my new computer, and the fact that i can now atleast LOOK at games with somewhat advanced graphics without the computer exploding-at home- i checked up on Battlefield Heroes. After looking at the Trailer, looking at the screenshots, and reading the dev blog i can happily say that i've gotten quite a good impression of the game. My original feelings of a miserly attempt at reaching out to the public has been dispelled, and the game itself looks insanely fun. Wich , coming from EA, is not only a good thing, but also a suprising thing. Maybe this is a sign of things to come? Might EA trying to establish themselves as the good guys for once? Well...i could be reading too much into this, but one can hope. At any rate i very much doubt it after looking at this screen.
See the guy standing up? Look at his face. Don't tell me that's not the face of a great evil. Combine that with the pained looks of the people sitting down, and it's fairly obvious. EA has shifted their evilness from us (wich is a good thing) and added onto the already tired developers. (wich is a bad thing..i think)
And before i get on another subject, here's the website just in case you didn't know.

I suppose i haven't done much else worthy of noticing. Oh, got WoW recently and..well. It's been fun. Not nearly the ''crack'' as some people has described it as, but it's a decent way to pass the time. So far i've tried Tauren shaman, undead warlock, dwarf hunter and night elf warrior. I was a bit disappointed seeing the fairly small number of creation options, after the box boasted of hundreds of creations. Ofcourse, the game being constanly updated, i can always hope of new neat options.
And a slightly more distubing thing. I suck horribly, wich is a pretty strange thing for me. I'm used to jump in to a game and play the crap out of it in atleast half the time any reviewer said it would take. Ah, maybe i'm getting old. Being seventeen and all.

Congratulations! You've advanced to level 17!

While it might not be usual to refer to ageing as leveling, my recent mmo rampage has left me with a few mental scars. Anwyay, It's my birthday today, (yay) And..well..I quess that's all i wanted to say.

On another note, I recently re-bought a ps2 with Disgaea (notice the new user icon), Shin megami tensei: Lucifers call, Romance of the three kingdoms 8 and God of war 2. And to my amazement, all the games have been great so far. Most of my time has been dedicated to Disgaea, and the rest evenly divided between ROTK 8 and Gow 2. (SMT hasn't gotten much playtime since..well. There's only so many hours a day)
God of war 2 was a nice suprise, as..well. it was all the predecessor was and more, thought, it's a shame the combat is still like a slightly nerfed DMC (without the gore..that disappears about 5 seconds after it comes on the ground.What's up with that? Good graphics, sure. But i still want to see some gore on the floor)
Other than that, the storyline is terrific, and the soundtrack/voice acting is top notch. Question: Kratos sounds oddly familiar. If anyone's played Icewind dale 2, could you confirm that he's the same guy that did one of the fighter voice-sets? :S

ROTK 8 has been nothing short of perfection really. (aside from the graphics and sound) But then again, that might just be a personal opinion considering how i've against all reason loved most other KOEI titles.

Disgaea? I love the storyline, the gameplay, the graphics, the sound..the..well. everything aside from Etna and the occasional spine-lessness from the ''hero'' laharl. But so far, it hasn't disappointed in the least in the other areas.

So, hope all is well with the rest of you, and have a nice day!

Another journey in the sargasso sea of my mind (hey, not bad!)

Okay..let me see...

First order of buisness. Madeliene. If you havn't heard about it (I don't know how well the story has been publicised in America)
It's about a little girl that got kidnapped while she and her family where in Portugal.
So, hundreds of children (give or take a few hundred) are kidnapped, murdered etc, etc every week. Why would this be any different you ask? apart from the parents ridicilous media wh**ing, it seems very likely that they did it themselves (for the sake of ''fame'' )
The reason i have this cynical stance on the matter is of quite a few reasons.

1. They recently found blood (belonging to the girl) in the rental car the parents used while there.

2. (even though this isn't related to the wheter the parents killed her or not, it's still about partial responsibility)
They left her ALONE in a hotelroom in the evening to go out and drink. (a five year old. I may only be sixteen but i think that parents should be slightly more responsible than that >.>)

3. The constant focus on everywhere else on earth BUT the hotel. I completely understand why the parents would be desperate to get her back (now assuming they're innocent)
but it's a little strange they seem completely sure she's in another country.

The police has finally seen it my way *thanks to my telepatic powers no doubt*
and made the parents official suspects in the case. Ofcourse, the ''outrage'' of the parents, relatives and the british public is quite clear. I might be wrong (in fact, for once i hope i am) but c'mon. Look at the evidence.

Okay, done with that.

(Just to straighten one thing out, the U.S didn't invade Iraq on oil..uh..atleast not alone. Hussein funding A.Q was a much bigger factor. On the same subject, in the long run, the U.S is doing a good thing there, considering that if Hussein would NOT have been stopped, His rule would not have ended when he died. He did spawn a few guys yaknow.

So..what else? In case you missed the news on the front page, here's a hilarious story about a guy getting banned until 9999AD on Halo 3.;title;4

Against the flow (Updated, but still undone)

Golden-eye, RE4, Diablo II, GTA etc, etc. Am i the only one thinking these games (and the likes) are completely crap?
Some of them has horrible A.I, bad graphics, bad gameplay or just suffers from bad game-design. I know, even suggesting that i don't like these games apparently makes me a bad person (rolls eyes) But let me explain.

Golden-eye. (N64)

What the hell? This game suffers from poor graphics, poor gameplay, bad A.I, silly storyline and a run to the mill multiplayer. And still people call it one of the best games ever. I've really tried, but i just can't bring myself to like it.
The enemies are poorly made (Now, i know this is from the N64 era, but i'm just comparing to say..Turok or maybe just any shooter on the PS1 or Dreamcast)
Enemies often go trough walls and the level design is just boring.
The A.I is atrocious, ''dodging'' in a way that makes them easier to hit, and always for no reason. Often not reacting and most of the time missing, even on the hardest difficulties.
The gameplay..well. Most guns handle the same, enemies die easily and theres little variation. Either get to point A to B, Shoot him or blow that up. Wow >.> .
The storyline is...meh. Bad guy, betrayal and whatnot. Havn't seen that in a game before GE.
And the multiplayer? Puu-lease. PC games have done the multiplayer bit much better long before, and even if golden eye wouldn't have been developed, console games would still have gotten a decent multiplayer soon enough. (timesplitters)

RE4. (multi-platform)

Saying this is probaly borderline sacreligious, but heck. I never liked the RE series. Even before this monstrosity. Shoddy controls, lame-ass storyline and thin gameplay. Most of (no, all!) wich have been included in the fifthymillioneth installation of the series.
The A.I is....bad. They either attack mindlessly (Funny thing, they run untill they are somewhat close, then drop to a crawl)
Or sit in the same position shooting or throwing at you. The graphics are pretty shallow. Sure, the game looks decent, but if you get close to a object, it looks like it would a few years ago >.>
The storyline is downright idiotic. The ''illuminados''? Atleast capcom could have made up something of their own, or at the very least take an organisation that would fit in the context. The illuminati is nota bunch of religious hicks.
The voice acting is unremarkable. The guy playing as leon needs a few lessons in emotion, and the others are flat. Sound effects are boring, and quite frankly, i could live without them. Survival horror? There is neither survival nor horror going on here. it's action, with something that's supposed to be (scary) in between. There is little value in the game (mercenaries being ...mildlyamusing at the very best) bah.

Time to sp....nevermind.

I've pretty much been confined to the reach of my xbox controller (luckily, the kitchen is in reach) since i started to play around with timersplitters: FP.

When i picked it up, i didn't really think it would be worth the 8£ i paid, but what the heck? I wanted something new. Luckily, it turned out to be one of the better purchases i've ever made.
So far i've beaten storymode and most of the challenges, and just recently getting in the mapmaker. (Mapmaker being a blast, i barely slept last night 8D )

The gameplay might not be standing out from any other shooter, but it's really the sheer number of things to do that keep the game going. I mean, curling monkeys? Virus? UNDEAD MONKEYS? Stuff like that really writes itself.

As for the graphics, the look pretty decent. Nothing spectacular, but free radical really nailed the facial expressions. (Think the end movie for haunted mansion)

The only thing that disturbs me is that the devs seem to suffer from a slight monkey fetish, but we all got our problems.

As for the mapmaker, it really stands out. Aside from the somewhat sparse designs, i really enjoyed building my own story mission.
Timesplitters aside (If you don't have it, get it.)

Been bored for quite some time. 'neone out there have any ideas for a cheap xbox game that would be fun to play?


So, i got a library card. Apparently a library is a place with free computers and a place to loan books. I never knew that.

Anyway. I should get my new computer fairly soon, and after some thought i decided to go with a laptop. It's powerfull enough to handle older games i played on my old computer, and it's like...portable..woah...
I know, it won't be able to handle most new PC games, but let's face it. The PC glory is from about 95-2003, so it doesn't really matter. Also, since i've decided to get a Wii soon enough, i figure it might be smarter to save money for the games i'll want. (aside from my ever expanding library of xbox games, thank god for dead consoles :D )

In other news, i also found a new emblem while logging on today, the outlier emblem. Pretty spiffy if ya ask me.

And...that's all i quess. I should be going to Sweden again soon, to get some more of my other games i forgot there while i was there the last time. okay, officially it's to see my family, but potatoe, potata. :)

EDIT: And a hella old-school emblem. Today is a good day, but i can't help but wonder if all this is some cruel joke on gamespots count?

oh, and this. . I knew it.

EDIT'2 : No emblems for me! Silly bugs and website issues.

700 posts!

Okay, it might not sound much for the veteran GS users, but hey, every milestone counts :)

Anyway. I won't have time to write the long good blog i wanted to, since my computer said bzzt and went to heaven a few days ago. Therefore i'm kinda stuck in a internet cafe, (I can hear how disappointed you all sound ;) ) but when (if :S ) i get my new computer i'll write the grandaddy blog i've planned.

So, to lighten the mood, let's celebrate my 700 posts! I've set up a big table for y'all, and a BIG plate of cookies, games and pizza is on the way. And on the middle of the table is a cake with 700 candles. Take a seat and toast to the glory that is me :)
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