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Video games: an isolated industry?

My first blog post! I'm sure no one's gonna read it but great things start little no? Well for my first time I would like to make it simple, the idea is to comment and give opinions, thanks for reading and sorry for the bad english!

Let's face it, society finds it really hard to accept video games. Everyone likes a movie, everyone likes a song, everyone likes a tv series, and (after harry potter) everyone likes books. But why is it that video games can't find their spot on people's hearts? As it if were little, it seems society has learned not only to reject them, but to hate them too. The system proves it: if you are into music, you're a cool guy, everyone likes that about you (and so on with movies, tv, ect), in the other hand if you're into video games well you are just a nerdie and people will make fun of you because of that. If you do not agree with me, well, it's a simple opinion, but my case as a person would perfectly fit for this: I have friends, I study, I'm into rock music, I party and people like me because of that... but I'm into video games too, and my friends always bother me with that fact, my girlfriend sure doesn't like it, and let's not talk about my parents...

The question of the million dollar is simple: Why is it that Video Games have come to get isolated from the rest of the media world? Why people can't take video games seriously? Why can't society accept that is a healthy way of entertaining and maybe a way of art? Movies and songs try to give messages, tell stories... Last time I checked video games do that too.

What' dou you think? Why do you think is this?