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What is going on here?!

Hi there.

By now you might have witnessed this new updated GS as well and might be as confused as me because I don't understand what's going on here anymore. Everything is so messed up. It's like I'm left alone in a deserted island and giving my best to survive until I can find someone out there.

All my personal info is gone and there are no comments left on my older blogs and everything has gotten so laggy.

So are you having problems or are you enjoying your self with the new GS. I would really love to see some comments so that I could know I'm not the only one left here alone.

Time for some update

Hello there earthlings. How are you all doing today?

I've been pretty upset lately and tensed but I don't want to talk about that $*it right now becuase I'm writing this blog to get my mood better. :)

So what have I been doing these past weeks....??? Well of course! KILLING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!!! :twisted:

YES! I got GTA V and I've been really enjoying it. Honestly they came exectly to my expectations with the game. It really freshed all my great memories from GTA Sand Andreas. And so much better from GTA IV that I really didn't like that much as it was more of a downgrade then upgrade. So in short, get that game if you haven't. ;)

Secondly I've been playing Rayman Legends which I've finished before getting GTA V. Rayman Legends is just too good. SO much better then Origins and awesome music stages. I've been playing Origins stages now to open my last world. But I've finished the main story though. 

Lastly I got Fifa 14 last week and I wasn't planning on getting that as I was gonna get DBZ: Battle of Z next but when I heard the bad news that it wasn't coming out this year I replaced it with this as I was once a huge Fifa fana s well and I've played every Fifa game so far. Though this was a good thing because I need to get my skills polished again since Fifa 09. I've been challenged by so many friends who want to tare me apart in Fifa as they are only good in that game against me. XD

I've been really searching hard find One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 but I can't find it anywhere so I'm kinda sad as I was really looking forward in playing it. Well hope I can find it soon.

So this was my update for now. What have you guys been playing or doing if not playing. 

This is it for this blog so until next time, tc and byezzzz :D

I don't want to go

Hey guys.

My university is starting again from tomorrow which means the end of summer holidays. But I don't want to go back... Instead of being excited and stuff I feel so weird... I don't feel my self lately.... I've been missing my old school mates so much these days. Last night I had dream about them again. We were all so happy back in school and more then anything I want to go back to school and be with them again.

But that's not possible as we all have been seperated and bound with our own paths that take as so far away from each other. I always had one dream since my childhood that I grew up with all of them and we studied together till the end. We all lived together and had so much fun... 

I do have new uni mates there and they are good friends but they are not how my best friends were. I feel so lonely there and even in uni I feel the most left behind person in all those nerds... Now I think if it wasn't such a good thing getting accepeted in big university. 

Well anyways I just wanted to tell you guys that I was going back today so wish me luck. Though no worries I'll be in touch as I have internet there. :)

Byez and tc everyone.

My wanted list for games this year

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone's doing fine. Well I got one more week of vacations then back to university for me. I know I've not given many blogs in the past months but honestly I've not played any new games recently. Yeah I've been playing some old games alot which I've been enjoying alot. I think I should start from telling you about all that first.

So I was so bored this summer from gaming as there was not good game for me to play. I've almost played all other games and there was no good game that came out in these past two months. Why does all good games come out when summer vacations end?? :roll:. Though I thought why not play all the old games that I've got and I took out my old dear best friend PS2 and turned it on and started playing all the games I loved to play on it and honestly I enjoyed a lot! Then after I had my fill with it I was still feeling hungry for some more old gems so I just got something in mind why not try playing GC games even though I had non lol.

But I knew someone who could lend me some of his collection. Then I just remembered Wii is backward compatible so it can play GC games easily! The remaining thing was the GC controller that I asked my university friend to find me one in his city as I get all my stuff from there regarding gaming mostly. So he found one and sent me. everything was set, I had the games, the controller and my Wii of course. I started playing Super mario Sunshine and my long waited game that I always wanted to play as a kid Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. :D

I enjoyed a lot but then I found out that I can't save my games on my Wii HDD and needed a GC memory card which is pretty hard to find anywhere here lol :P. So it took most of the fun out but I still played as many games as I could on it just for fun and I really enjoyed my time. Then after that I remembered Xbox 360 was backward compatible as well. We just needed some update from their website and that's it! Your good to go.

So I did that and as I once had the Original Xbox as well so I had some good amount of games for it. And I started playing them and it worked just great! First Original Xbox had interenal memory so it was the same for Xbox 360 it saved the game data on HDD and we can use the Xbox 360 controller to play games so everything worked out fine and I had some great time playing; Spider Man 2, Halo 2, Ultimate Spider Man, Prince of Persia Warriors Within, Harry Potter And the Sorcerer's Stone and finally GTA San Andreas which I always wanted to play on Xbox. I got the game many years back but I never got to play it on my Original Xbox. But man! I play it everyday and it's still so much fun! All of them are so much fun to play. 

Well I still miss playing old games very much. I'm not so much satisfied by these new generations games which focus more on graphics and less on gameplay. Sigh... anyways I should now get to the main part of this blog.

Rayman Legends:

Like last year, I have a good list of games I want this year as well but like always they are coming at the end of the year -___- which really annoys me. But now the good games are almost on their way to come out so I can wait now a little. :D

Starting next week I will have this game in my hands and I'm gonna pound it good in my last week home :D. I really can't wait to play it as the game got pretty good reviews by everyone :D. I've always been a Rayman fan though so it was a must for me anyways.


And finally this master piece is almost out next month and I'm really excited for commiting some suicides by jumping off a plane or a mountain maybe XD. Well you know what I mean lol. 

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Fullburst:

I've owned the original Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 for the PS3 so I might buy the DLC of this game for it... but maybe not when it get released but surely in the comming months. 

DBZ Battle of Z:

As a DBZ fan, this game is must for me as it will have Goku SS god form in this game for the first time so can't wait to play it. 

One Piece Pirate Warriors 2:

I played the first part of this game lasst year and it was good. I'm going to get this one as well surely as I'm really excited to try it. I am also watching it's anime so that also makes me more excited to play the new world arc. :D

Batman Arkham Origins:

Really excited to play this one as well. This game looks really great. 

Sonic Lost World:

Finally this year is great for my 3DS as well. I am really happy that I will be able to play this game on my 3DS because I don't have a Wii U and this game looks awesome on Wii U. Though it looks awesome on 3DS as well so no worries. :D

I am also going to get many more 3DS games this year which I'll make a seperate blog about because most of them are old games and this one is about the future games. 

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate:

Now many of you will think why get this when I am getting the Xbox version. Well this game is not the same as that. Not only it is totally different in playing from the console version but its story also starts three months after the console version Arkham Origins so I am gonna get this for sure as a Batman Fan. Though I am not sure if I will get this right away when it gets released but soon after that. 

Need For Speed Rivals:

Now I am having great hopes from this game. I liked demo that I watched on E3 so I just hope they finally make a good NFS game like old times. 

I think that's all the games I'm looking forward on getting this year. 

I've also been playing some PSP games that I got from PSN on my PS Vita as I was very bored of it having no good game that I want on it so I thought why not get some good old PSP games that would give me a time pass on my Vita :P. I got god of war ghost of sparta, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact, Tekken 6 and also this mini game that my cousin told me to get the Impossible game... man it is one hell of a impossible game. I dare you guys to play that game for once. I's sure many of you might lose control and do something stupid XD because it really got on my nerves LOL. :P

Well that's it for this blog. Will see you all later now when I get to play some games from one of these. :)

TC and Byezz...

P.S: I know why it was giving me that error now and that was because I added game arts in my blog. But I don't understand why it was giving me that error as I always insert game pics in my blogs before. Also my blog is kinda roughed up now because I did many experiment on it so I'm sorry if there are any problems with it.

Hey help me out guys

I finally got done with a good big blog and GS is not letting me post it. It keeps on giving me this error,

"The maximum allowed size for a message is 20000 characters. your message is 83657 characters long." 

What should I do now? Is there any solution to this or does this happens to you? :(

What is going on here?!

Hello everyone.

I wasn't expecting to blog about this but I've seen too much now so my question is simple: "What is going on here?"

Many people are saying that GS is changing so they will leave it and my bad that I didn't knew at all about this because I wasn't here for a few days so didn't quite know what was going on but now when I return this is what is on everyones mind. 

I know that many people have left this website and this site has many glitches as well and GS last attempt to make a new site "FUSE" was a complete failiure but come one!? I mean that time I got selected from those few users who get to use the beta version and from then I knew it wasn't fun at all but I didn't give up so why are you all giving up?

The truth is I also don't want these new changes that they are going to make to this site but still!!! This is my gaming home. This is the only place where I can talk to some nice people who love gaming and can help you with your personal problems as well. 

I also know that GS unions are being removed so many people hate that as well but I doubt many people even go to any unions. I for one never did any posting in any unions as they were always dead. And not to forget so old styled and slow which I never liked so just hope for something better instead of leaving this place.

I miss all those times when I use to make stupid blogs like an idiot and everyone use to help me out like if they were my real life friends. 

The truth is I don't want to leave this place no matter how much they change. So I want you all to also just stop acting all angry and sad to leave this place. Try to support them in making the new GS like how we want so that we can get what we like in the newly build GS. 

In the end those of my friends who really want to leave, I want to thank them for reading my blogs. If you want to stay in touch just message me I'll give you my FB so can stay in touch. 

TC and I hope you all will understand. 


Happy Birthday to me!

Hello people! How are you all doing?

Yeah it's my birthday today and it's the most boring one up to date. Nothing to do, got no gifts from anyone and the hot weather has made it more annoying -___-. Though I did got many well wishes from my friend so I am very happy for that. :D

Tomorrow my friend is also giving me a party so that makes it a little better. I'll also be giving my birthday party next week to my old college mates. :)

Though still today is boring.... sigh... and I wanted to get some gifts. -___-

Well anyways will see ya all laters. :D

Takecare and byez...

P.S: I forgot to tell that I am 20 now. I know I am old. -___-

My 100th blog anniversary and my 4 years at GS anniversary

Hello everyone! How have you all been?

First of all I would like to apologize for not being here for a while. I've been busy like always with university. I had exams that I had to work hard for that's why didn't have any time to be in touch with all of you. 

Now I've been free for almost two weeks now and enjoying my summer holidays as well as the holy month of Ramadan. Fasting is really tough in hot weather but I'll make it through :P. These days I've been busy doing gaming with my cousin and just watching anime. 

So it's my 100th blog finally. That is also a reason why I didn't blog because I wanted this one to be a good one. Also it's almost my 4 years here at GS and I know it tells I came here on Oct 17, 2009 but I came here before that. 

So how did it go all these 4 years? Well honestly speaking it have been really great. I really miss the old days when it was crowded here on GS and I had so many friends back then. Many of them have left GS now sadly. Though now I have new friends here so it's still fun :). Back then I was very active and like use to stay here 24/7. Use to make new banners and dp just for GS lol. It was really fun. Now I've not changed it since more then a year now. Also the old GS was way better then this one. Now you can't even know if someone replied back to your comment it's so glitchy. Even though still love this place no matter how glitchy or less active it has become. 

Moving on, I've gotten a new game for Vita. 


I have UMVC3 as well for PS Vita and I think it is one of the best game on it. But I'm loving this one as well. It's a must buy for anyone who has Vita. The game machanics are pretty weird but that's what makes it so fun. :D

Other then that I've been playing some Injustice and Storm 3. :)

Oh and after two years I turned on my PS2 again and man it is still in great shape and I've been playing some old games on it and I gotta say... it's still more fun playing on it then PS3 or Xbox 360. I've also gotten Kingdom Hearts 1 for it because I didn't played the first part and I'm going to start it soon :D. THen move on the part 2 again and also going to get Persona 4 for it if I can find one. Really starting to love my PS2 again and I feel bad that I over looked it for two years :(. My PS2 is almost 9 years old and still feel like it's all new to me my old partner. :)

Other then that I am also kinda bored now. My cousin was here for a week now and I had a lot of fun with him but now that he is gone home I feel bored. I don't have many friends with whom I can hang out much as most of my old besties have moved to different cities and my new uni mates all come from different cities and even provinces so can't meet them as well... I've been thinking about visiting uni again and call some of my friends who live near it to hangout for a day with me. :)

Btw I've also wanted to talk about the upcoming PS4 and Xone :P. I was going to forget that but remembered just now. So I've watched E3 mostly and it was fine this year. Better then last year atleast. Now just to get right at the point, I think Microsoft is an idiot and Sony has finally came to its senses. I mean $100 difference?! People who think it's not much first of all we living in other countries then US will get Xone even more expensive here. If you pay $100 extra we will have to pay $130-40 here including all taxes. Now Of that extra $100 or more I can buy two games for PS4 -___-. I think I don't need to give anymore explanation over this. I will admit one fact that I liked Xone controller more then PS4's. It's really amazing and PS4's controller looks just ugly. But PS4 it self looks great so it doesn't matter to me. Finally the last thing I want to say is... WII U will own both consoles just wait and watch lol. :P 

Oh and I also hated that they didn't release KH3 for the PS3! That really made me annoyed. I mean not a single KH game for PS3 in all these years of its release -____-. And PS2 got tons of them. Now they are release a HD remix edition to make people happy and stupid to buy it -___- Really? I don't care if you guys think it's fine that they releasing it for PS4 and you will buy that HD remix I just don't want this pity of Square Enix. 

Well I think that's enough of this blog and I should be ending it now so I hope I didn't bore you all with this long lengthy blog of mine. Give me your comments about everything I've been babbling about in this blog :P. I've be more active now on because I am free with summer vacations. :D

TC everyone!

See ya! :D

P.S: I just saw it now that in the pic above the game is named Gravity Daze?? O_o It's wrong, It's Gravity Rush. :)

My gaming history and consoles

Yo! Howz ya all??

I've been really busy lately and tired as well. Man university is getting tough again and the heat is so annoying. It's getting so hot here :(. Howz it going at your place?

So I was bored and I thought it was time to give a blog again so I will be giving a blog about my gaming history how I started it all and which consoles I've owned through out time. :D

1. Sega Mega Drive 2


Man I miss playing this... what cool days were they. I remember when I was 5 years old when my parents gave me this and told me they were keeping this until I grew up a little to play it. I've played many games on this and learned true gaming through this. I still have this and it works fine. :D

2. Celeron PC


After that I got my first desktop PC in 2001 and I was so happy to be finally able to play some great games and believe me I really had some awesome time with my PC for 3 whole years. :)

3. PS2


First of all *Salute* to this friend. I got this in early 2004 and I can't tell ya how many happy days I've had with PS2. I got about 80 games in my collection for PS2 which pretty much is lost and collecting dust somewhere. Though my PS2 is still fine as ever and I've kept it safe. :)


4. GBA


I got this soon after PS2 and I've had a lot of fun playing this as well. Though it passed away soon after an year and half. :(


5. Xbox


I got this in early 2005 just for one damn game... Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets and Halo 2. I found Halo 2 but couldn't find HP anywhere :(. Though I had many other great games for this. Though it passed away in 2008.


6. Xbox 360



So I got this early in 2008 when my Original Xbox passed away. I got the 20 GB and believe me I loved it as it was the first next gen console I got though it got red ring of death the second day I got it lol and three red lights. Though nothing really happened to my Xbox even though I got it many times again after that though later in 2011 it passed away after all those years of great service.


7. PS3 Slim


I got this the second day of release. The first PS3 slim 120 GB. I'm still enjoying my time with this baby. :)


8. PSP 2000


I had this same PSP 2000 that I got early in 2010 and I had so much fun this baby. it got stolen after an year :( and I really miss playing it.


9. Wii


I wanted to get Wii earlier but I got Xbox 360 back then so didn't get it but then I got it early in 2011 and have great time playing many great games on it. People who complain about Wii's graphics aren't true gamers in my eyes as Wii has gotten many great games. I still play Wii when my cousins come to my place mostly. :)


10. Xbox 360 Slim



After the passing of my old Xbox 360, I wanted a new one desperatly so I got this earlier last year. I got 250 Gb slim and I'm having a lot of fun playing it these days.


11. Nintendo 3DS


Got this last year in December I think. It's been fun playing it. I'm usually playing DS games on it.


12. PS Vita


Honestly I expected much more after getting it but it's not getting any good games that I want to play. Only a few games that I want to play on VIta are available and few are going to come later this year. Though I bought some PSP games a few days ago from PSN store and have been having fun playing them. I got this in Feburary or March I think.


Well that's it folk! Tell me what you think of my collection and which conesoles you have owned. :)

Talk to you all laterz.


All what I've been doing and need to know something from you all!

Yoooo! How have you all been doing? I know you didn't miss me but I kinda did XD. Yeah I know it's been a little while when I gave a blog post but I tried to be a little active on your blogs. :)

So I'll just get to this quickly as I need to ask you guys something cool so I'll just make it quick what I've been doing.

So I've been playing BioShock Infinity on 360 lately and been enjoying it. I'm not a FPS fan but that game is a different kind of FPS which even made me interested in it and it's the only FPS that I've enjoyed after MW3 :). Also I've been playing Injustice and it's awesome. I really enjoyed powning Superman. :D

I've also been playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on my Vita and it's one of the best Vita games out there. I'm glad I got my hands on it as its hard to find it here.

Also I've been playing many games on my iPhone 5. It's been dead for many months now. I mean I don't do anything on it and I felt kinda bad that after getting such an awesome smart phone I don't do anything with it so I bought many games from app store lately.

1. NFS Most Wanted:

It's really an awesome game on iPhone. One of the best car racing game.

2. Sonic Jump:

Good time pass for a 2D game when your bored of everything.

3. Sonic Dash:

It's good and it's in 3D but it's not really how I thought it would be when I got it.

4. Amazing Spider Man:

It's really cool and for an iPhone game it's really big.

5. Rayman Run:

Really cool game like Rayman Origins. I've been enjoying a lot playing it.

6. Angry Birds Friends:

It's an online game lol, Can't play it with out it.

7. Injustice:

First I can't believe it's for iPhone and then its free :P. It's not as good as the console version but it looks so much exetly the same.

8. Iron Man 3:

It was also free and that's kinda weird. It was good but super hard.

9. The Dark Knight Rises:

I have to say, Batman owns on iPhone as well. It's really awesome and kinda like other Batman Arkhem games.

So that proves I've been doing more gaming on my iPhone. :P

Okay now to the last thing to talk about. Well I've got a research paper to make and submit soon and I am kinda confused about it as I choosed a weird topic. My topic is "Video games have changed our lives". Now I don't know why I choosed it but  I was too lazy to think of anything at that time so I choosed this XD. Now I want to know that we all are gamers here and I want to know that how video games have changed your lives. It's really a serious question and will help me a lot with my project so please everyone tell me from the core of your heart. :)

I'll be going now have lot to do. You guys takecare of your selves. ;)