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The Future of videogames...

Ladies and Gentleman, i am writing this blog during my Logic and Critical Thinking class because i'm bored as hell, but i have one huge thing i want to get off of my chest... Everyone should know what the next innovation in videogaming will be in my opinion. I'm not just talking about peripherals, i'm talking about something that will change gaming around the world. That innovation will be complete virtual reality.

Yes it seems like it would be ridiculous, and they may say it's been tried before (Virtual Boy) but with the rapid increase in technology over the last 20 to 25 years (The original NES and the 486 to todays Supercomputers and the PS3) the technology for this will be around soon enough. The Wii is a step in the right direction to change gameplay to make it look like you're actually doing something instead of pushing a button to make an action. It's motion sensing controls can see depth, height, length, and rotation. The introduction of the Wii board will actually be able to make different sports games more in depth (ie. madden nfl series by having you run on the pad in place in order to run, and use the remotes to indicate which way you are running), and take action games to a whole new level. (if they program everything properly, and figure out how to just use the nunchuck and the remote to indicate that you are kneeling while you step on the pad to walk forward slowly.) With the Technology behind the PS3, you have cutting edge graphics that could bring the virtual world 'to life.' Microsoft could probably refine the machines that are needed to actually bring virtual 3D to life and make the , because that would give microsoft more power in the Gaming industry.

With this being the future, there are a bunch of mysteries to how you can actually achieve full virtual reality. One of those huge mysteries is how do you actually make everything realistic to the game. How do you make the environment realistic on the person who's playing the game? What can you do to simulate weapon weight in real life to bring into a game? Just paving those fine mechanics that would make the game "real." What can we do to make sure the player feels impact and actually feels the game all over his body?

That question could be answered by using a suit that would have the person hang in mid air, with sensors on the feet, hands, arms, and all over the body that detect motion, and can give the feeling of pain. In the game when you are running up a hill, the machine will stiffen the sensors on your legs, and feet making it harder for the person to run, the weight of the weapon, and the actual sensation it would produce on a person (kickback, real time reloading, the impact of the gun against a person's shoulder...) There are leg and foot restraints that will stop your legs at a certain height on the suit that will make it feel like you are walking. There are also other factors like "the backpack" (the invisible space that holds all your equipment on you). The 'backpack' will pretty much be killed off and non-existant.

Virtual reality can change and pave the way for an immersive gameplay experience, the only real problem is getting the technology readily available for people to use, and how to get a usable, and inexpensive unit that will have all VR capabilities. Now here's my question for you... where do you think the future of videogaming is going to be?