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FlameBandicoot Blog

Only active at weekends.

Yep, dad is going to take the computer to use in it's work and i won't be able to use it through the rest of the weeks, so don't think i left again. xD

That's all D:

PC game addict!

Yes, i'm back. I bet you didn't see that coming :S First, i'll apologize myself for being under complete inactivity on unions and all that. Well, i think i was just a bit tired of gamespot blogging and all that stuff. But good news are, i've been playing some PC stuff recently, like Impossible Creatures, Worms 4: Mayhem and Toribash. 8D IC got a bit old, but i still play around with custom map making; Worms is very fun to play and i still play it sometimes, while toribash is one of the sexiest PC game i ever played :P It's addictive, cool, and the game just DOESN'T END lol. Maybe you never heard of it, but you should definetly get it at It weights less than 10 MB and it's a one-way ride to complete addict, lol. It's a fighting game, but not a normal fighting game. You have complete control of your character's body, and can design your own moves against your opponents. If you decide to get it, tell me so that we can play together. :D

Oh, and could anyone please make me a new set of siggy/banner/avvy? I'm kinda sucking at design. -.-

That's all. Hello again! Hope to see you guys in-game or something.

Lazyness and new game...


I'm so sorry about being out of your blogs for all this while - I'll be honest: I was too lazy to come at gamespot to update all things. I don't think I'll be present on your blogs as active as I were before. One of the reasons for me to tell you that is that mum told me to practice phisical exercises and study more all day - apart from having to go to my Taekwondo c-l-a-s-s at mondays, thursdays, fridays and saturdays. So my activities changed a lot. I may come to GS once in a while to take a look on things, but don't be mad at me if I don't comment on every blog you guys write. ;P

Oh yeah, and I got a new game! It's Guitar Hero Aerosmith. Looks pretty cool but a lot more easier than it's previous game from the frenchise - GH 3. I already finished it on expert and Hard modes.

I think that's it, so bye! :D

PS: That word written separated by "-" is like that because GS won't let me post it written in the normal way. -.-

Monster Update Blog: I'M BACK. (full version edit, check back for extra news!)

Heyyy! How are you guys doing? Been a long time since I last saw you, and you last saw me. And you all know the reason. I was spending my vacation at Sweden and it was pretty awesome. I have lots of stories and pictures to show, but I still must get my photos from the Pen Drive; as soon as I do it, I'll drop it on my images section, and if you wanna view it, just do it. Anyways, I've got plenty of stories to tell and updates to do, so what am I waiting for?

Overall, Sweden is much better and cooler than Brazil; there's lots of different stuff that I never saw in my life, like a recycling system that the country adopted: you insert plastic or glass bottles in a recycling machine and you get money from it. O_o Very interesting, in my opinion. But actually I don't even know if this system exists there in the countries where you live. :P Apart from that, there's also many other cool stuff that I can't even remember them all. I did many different things there too, things I never done in my life! Like rapelling, kneeboarding... it was Amazing. I shall show you all everything. Those are the coolest things. But I didn't even told you about the aquatic park, the center of the city... the beautiful girls... B) Dude, all the people in that country are beautiful. Just... crazy. AH! I almost forgot!! I now wear glasses!-> o-o And a new watch.

I had great new gaming experiences in Sweden. Since my sister's husband got a Wii, I got plenty of time to enjoy it! And since I never had any of these new 3rd gen Systems, only my PS2, I was amazed in every moment of my playing; Graphics were much better, as well as gaming controls! I managed to fully complete two Wii games, and only one game that I played wasn't completed. I completed Splinter Cell: Double Agent and NFS ProStreet, in the Wii! Also got a quick view of Sega Bass Fishing.
All of these games were pretty good and entertaining, Spliter Cell was the best. I never played any of the games from the Splinter Cell series and now I'm already a fan... what a great game. I recommend, and maybe I will write a review for this and the other games soon.


Meh, I got lots of PMs while I was out. friend and union requests, ya know. So I must organize myself, isn't it?

Friend requests - Accepted them. Just check my blog once in a while everyone!

Union requests - Declined most of them. I think I only accepted the one for the Emblems Union. Couldn't be a charter member on the Bat Cave Tikiz, sorry - I just never really liked Batman that much so I wouldn't be a good officer...

My Union - I will demote all members and resign myself so I can start the forming process all over again, from the beggining. Since the charter member recruiting started getting a mess and GS started being glitchy with me, that will be the only solution for me.

That's it. Those are my updates for now, I'M BACK! :D:D

SUNDAY it's the day! - Finished Bully


It's been a while, guys. This time I've been out of GS due to school studying, homeworks, and more stuff that will be discussed on this update blog!
W00t, I finally finished all the subjects for the future tests that I needed to study. (Do you remember the story?) Now I am completely... how can I say... FREE!!! No more school activities, tests, homeworks until august. And that's because of... *drums roll* MY SWEDEN TRIP! Yes, my friends. My so desired trip is coming on sunday. I am so f... excited! Me and my mom, of course. None of us never got out of the country, and now we're going out of the CONTINENT. All the bags and documents are ready. And we're counting the minutes for the great day to finally come!
I finally finished Bully! Not yet on the normal 100% completion like all my other games, but I'm working on it! What I think about the game? Awesome. I had fun on each moment of it, because it never becomes boring; there's always some new weapon to get, some new mini-game to play, more secrets to check out, and of course, lots of missions. As soon as I get rid of lazyness and other stuff I'll review it... ;P I definetly recommend it for all the PS2 owners! :)
And this is it. Bye eveyone! I will be inactive for the next days because of the trip, so see ya on august.

Internet connection, and new game


Sorry about being out of GS for all this while, I couldn't comment or be at any unions or even access any site because of my dumb internet connection. It got broken for lots of days and I only managed to fix it today. It was a problem on the configuration, and I fixed it. :)

Yep, a new game; I got Bully yesterday and I've been playing it. IT'S SO AWESOME! Graphics are good, quite funny, realistic. I loved it, from what I saw until now. I'm currently with something like 6% of the game completed - and that means the game is long, and I like that, because you can enjoy it for more time. I think I will review it when I finish the game with 100% completion.
That's it! :D

Another stuff blog

Hello! :D

First off, I'll start the stuff blog saying that I forgot to tell you all that my TV is back fully operational. You can see this at my last speed run, where I used it to play Super Monkey Ball... but the most incredible fact is: the TV has fixed itself with no technician! I just turned it on one day to see how the TV was and nothing wrong happened, and I started to play GH III. Nothing happened! Wow, the TV was normal again. Good for me.

Now, for the greatest news:
*drums roll*
I'm going to Sweden next month!! No joke, all the documents are ready! My sister is living in there now, so we're gonna visit her! :D:D
Lookin' awesome, isn't it? Unfortunaly it's not that awesome: next month there will be normal school activity, and I will be absent the whole month. Now you must be saying: "This guy must be joking. He's telling me that being absent at school for a whole month is not awesome?!" Well, actually if you think a bit more about the fact, this isn't awesome. Actually this sucks a lot. Because I'll be back to Brazil in August, which is test season. But these are tests using subjects from lessons that were given at a time that I wasn't here. How can I do a test without even knowing what the test is all about? The answer is: "Studying the subject from future tests before I travel, and when I"m back, nothing will be wrong." Noooooooooooooooo!!! I'm gonna have to study the double I already study before I travel! :cry:

Also, I recorded another speed run. The problem is, my internet speed doesn't let me upload it; everytime the meter reaches 50% the internet connection breaks and I have to start over, and the same thing happens. :( I will keep trying until I get it.

The union is still having problems to form. GS say that if the ones you sent the invitation don't answer in seven days, I get back to the previous forming step to invite them again. Hahaha, GS make me laugh. You really think it got back to the previous step? No. I'm stuck in the step where you wait for the "eligible prospects" to answer. So, all I can do now is wait.

Ok, that's it.

Speed run video, and question

Hey. I recorded a new video, and it's now uploaded here on GS. It's a speed run for Super Monkey Ball, at the beginner challenge. Sorry about the bad quality, my webcam is not that good... :P And sorry if you can't understand what I say, that must be because of my brazilian accent or the volume.
Well, I don't know how to add a video on a blog post, but if you do, could you tell me how you do it? After someone answer that, I'll put it here. Anyways, go watch it in my videos tab, and comment telling me if you liked it! :)

EDIT: Thanks. Now I can put the vid here, for easier access:

My Birthday!

Yes it is! May 1 is my B-day! Today I went to the movies to watch Ironman with a friend and my mom and dad. We also went to the zoo and there was many cool animals there. I could show you images, but I'm too lazy to put them here right now... :P
Ironman rocks! There's many special effects and the story is not bad. You should watch it too, if still didn't.

Ok, short blog for today (like most of them xD)

Bye! :D

Oh My God!!!! I'm an artistic genious!!!!!!!!!

YESS!!!!! IT IS TRUE!!! Look at my brand new emblem that is now displaying! -> ->

My banner was for Sheep Raider. Here's the link:;title;0

Woohoo, this is really nice!

Remember the union I was going to form? Well, we got some GS glitch problems and it will take a few more days. But I hope everything goes right.

That's it! I say Woohoo again! :D