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Anyone uses Xfire?

I have played a lot a game called Halo Custom Edition, and I'be been using Xfire. Xfire is a program that works as a instant messenger for PC games. Xfire has support for in-game and out-game messaging. It also supports clans. My username is fireztards. I currently belong to the SKA clan(Sniper Kick Ass). If anyone of your guys are Xfire users, please add me, especially if you meet any of the following:

1.-You play Halo Custom Edition often

2.-You like to be very social trough messanging services


Batch of GBA games :) :) :) :D

Today something extremely good hapened. I went to a local market near my house in the morning, and in a place there was a woman selling many things. Most stuff seemed useless, but there was a box there. I checked what was inside the box and I saw many GBA cartgrides inside the box. Then I asked their price, and for my surprise, she said that she would give me the entire box of cartgrides for twenty dollars. The games are the following:

Avatar: The Last Airbender

CT Special Forces

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country 2

Donkey Kong Country 3

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Mega Man Battle Network

Mega Man Battle Network 2

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

Virtual Kasparov

Plus, I also got two games I already had:

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Maybe the woman didn't know that she could have charged more for 14 games, or maybe she just wanted to get rid of these games, I don't know, but I'm feeling really lucky thanks to this. All I will do now is say Exxxxcelent(with a Mr Burns pose of hands) and put myself to play all night.

Glichspot is no more(?)

I have just noticed today the visual changes of Gamespot(I think it was better like it was before), not long after that saturday when they where supposed to fix all what made Glitchspot...well, Glitchtspot.

I wonder if they have fixed all the glitches, and if Glitchspot is gone for good, or if it is still there.

What do you think about the new visual changes of Gamespot?

By the way, my left hand is too hand-cramped for having played too much time First-Person Shooter games on the DS. Metroid Prime Hunters and Call of Duty World at War. I think I have to let my hand rest for at least two weeks. I wrote this blog only using my right hand!

Favorite Game Music

What's your favorite game music?

As those who play a lot of Video games should know, the music in the Video games is a fundamental part of them. The music has many powers, including the increase amount of the likeness we have towards a certain game. It has the power to raise the adrenaline rush in some games(like Burnout Revenge), it also can make us smile, jump, do a somersault, etc.

So i decided to list some of my favorite soundtracks of all the games I've played so far and in which games they appear:

-Some of my favorite game soundtracks are in the game Megaman X, in the following levels:

Armor Armadillo, Launch Octopus, Spark Mandrill, Booomer Kuwanger, Icy Penguin, Storm Eagle, also the soundtrack from the opening level

I also like a lot the following tracks from The World Ends With You:

Three Minutes Clapping', 'Deja vu' and 'Someday'

-Other excellent tracks are from Chrono Trigger:

Chrono Trigger, Boss Battle, Boss Battle 2, Corridors of time, Magus Confronted, Tiranno Lair, Peaceful Days, Yearnings of the Wind, Light of Silence, Those without the will to live, Strains of insanity, Depths of the Night, all are excellent soundtracks that fit perfectly with the situations in which they sound

-Some amazing soundtracks from Metal Slug 3:

Blue Water Fangs, Midnight Wandering, Into the Cosmos, First Contact, and Final Attack

-Some from Zelda:

Overwold theme and Mt Tamaranch theme from Zelda Link's awakening, also Legendary Hero from Wind Waker, and Deku Scrub Palace from Majora's Mask (There are many other songs that I think I am forgetting to list here 'cause it has been a very long time since the last time I played a Zelda game :?)

-Some other from Castlevania:

Vampire killer, Beginning, Bloodlines and Bloody tears from Dracula X/Vapire's Kiss ... Clock Tower, Trone Fights, Castle Corridor and Formidable Enemy from Aria of Sorrow ... Sucessor of Fate / Juste's Theme from Harmony of Dissonance (despite the bad sound quality from the game) ...Pitch Black Intrusion and Condemned Tower from Dawn of Sorrow...and Awake from circle of the moon

-There are also some excellent Contra songs:

Road Warriors ,No man's Land, Neo Kobe Steel Factory, and Tearing up the turnpike from Contra 3 The Alien Wars...and the Jungle level Theme from Contra 4 when playing on hard difficulty

-I also like a lot: Battle Fanfare, Hey You! and Shy Guy's Toy Box theme from Paper Mario... Datadyne Central-Extraction, Air Force One-Anti terrorism, Pelagic II-Exploration and Dark Combat from Perfect Dark

Well, this is the list of my favorite game soundtracks, I hope you found it interesting and feel free to comment your favorite soundtrack or sondtracks and in what game they appear. If you don't know the names of the sountracks you can describe where they appear in the game

Craving for Amnesia

Have you heard about a PC game called Amnesia: The Dark Descent? It's a recent Horror Action Adventure game, which, I have read stuff like:

"I have never been so scared in my life! This game draws you in and hits all the right strings. It has you so tense that when something does happen, you crap your pants and want to turn it off, just so you can stop looking over the back of your computer chair into the darkness that lurks there. It's a very chilling game that I would reccomend to anyone"

[Game Informer Magazine Issue 213 Page 7]

From what I have read, I think it may be one of the most (if not the most) scariest horror game ever, and that's enough to make me want this game so badly.

Sadly, my PC, the last time I fixed it, I had to change the motherboard to a inferior motherboard, with just 32 mb video card memory and 736 mb RAM(because it was the only I had). This game requires 2.0 Ghz CPU, 2048 mb RAM memory, and a graphics card Radeon HD, Nvidia GeForce 6 of better... so gotta put myself to work and save to upgrade my PC or buy a new one.

What about you? Are you interested in horror games? Have you played any? What do you think about them? What do you think about the horror game genre in general?

At last! Back at gamespot!

I've had my Gamespot account created since August of last year, but since then I've didn't had time to write anything now that I am back, I'm going to start writing my own reviews of the games I have played, and also my own please read and comment them.