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Hey people what are your favorite sports? I'm not trying to make fun of people with non-athletic abilities... but if you have a favorite sport write it down. Right now mine is baseball. But I really like soccer


Jak2 and Jak3 had some racing in them. But Jakx was made for racing. The secret to unlimited turbos( blue eco) is to power slide while using a turbo. The best time to drop a missle (red eco) is when you are in second place and you have a turbo. Turbo up to the first place person and get right in front of him. Then drop a missle. Then that Person will explode. Weapons that you shoot in front of you (yellow eco) are your best offense. Use them when you are needed them. Like when you are in sixth place. To get health (green eco) you need to get little green eco crosses next to blue eco, red eco, and yellow eco. To get dark Jak you have to kill other racers and they give you dark eco. Once your dark eco limit is full, your turbos will make you go faster, and your weapons are stronger until you crash.
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