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Fireballmatty Blog

Another One!

I just got another emblem the next day! The Tagger emblem! Alright. Now I'm trying to get the next tagger emblem. Who else has this emblem or the ones higher?

New Emblem

Hey Guys. I got a new emblem for the PS2. I simply adore the PS2 and it is my favorite platformer. What other emblems can you get like this?

My New Banner!

Hi guys! I got a new banner! It's not very good. But i have a pretty bad art program. Maybe someone can make me a new one! Well tell me if you like it or don't like it.If you don't like it, thats ok. it's pretty bad. Or you can just post at some other blog I have!

New Union

Hello! Me and my friend are making a new union called the Jak and Ratchet fan club union. We need some members! and the first two people to ask if they can join (i promised my bro he can be an officer)will be officers! So tell me if you want to join. If you are not one of the two people here,thats ok! We still need you. So come on down!

Big Fight!

All right. you came to this blog to see think of the best fight ever! This is a fight between Daxter and Luigi. Can you just imagine 1 thing for me? Who will claim victory?? Now tell me who won? Daxter or Luigi?

World Cup

Okay so we have seen the game  Italy vs Germany and France vs Portugal for the semi-finals. Italy beat Germany and France beat Portugal. So it all comes down to this. Who will win?! I can't wait to see the final game!!!!!:D
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