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Ruminating with Rock Stars

I believe it was the western philosopher Axl Derp who said, "You know where you are?  You're in the jerp, berp.   You're gonna' deeerrrrrrrrrrrp arrrgggggggggghhh!"

Drama. Drama Never Changes.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown playthrough so far intrigues.

* Emily "Galaga" Taylor is the younger sister of sniper Geoff "Ol' Man" Taylor.

* Xcom pulls the war-weary Geoff Taylor out of comfortable retirement due to sniper-demand.  "Sigh," his ol' bones say.

* Galaga marries her brother's best friend Jay "Happy Warrior" Robinson and they begin to replace Road Block Valdez as team leaders.

* Always to be the more spiritual and artistic of the two, best hopes rest with Galaga having psyhic abilities to retaliate against the invasion.

* To all's shock, the by-the-book boyscout husband is infused with psychic powers.

* Eventually, Valdez's role erodes to some-time replacement for Hao "Crater" Liu.

* ....until "Wild Child" Vargas, his mind under alient control, shotguns Crater to death, torturing Vargas' mind to this day.

* Baker aka "The Thumb" a long-time squad member is dismissed after he has no psychic powers so that he may 'go home and take care of his new babies.'

* Baker puts a bullet through his own head some time later.

* 'Happy Warrior' Robinson still refuses to upgrade his pistol.  "Bad luck," he says.

* Her squadmates call medic Parker "Pew Pew" until, after suffering wounds in battle, she earns the more grown up nickname Papa.  The new nickname sits well with the slightly butch Parker.

* After a clerical error marks Valdez as non-psychic, Xcom nearly dismisses him until a second lab test is administered and Valdes re-takes his role as squad leader.

In a Steam Sale far far away....

ME:  And what of Padme and our unborn children?

EMPEROR: It would appear that in your her.

ME: That sucks.

EMPEROR: Oh, and Xcom Enemy Unknown which you bought two days ago for $20 is now on the flash sale for $10."


VBL: M and Sometimes Y

Is it just me or does Vampire Bloodlines: Masquerade have a lot of taglines and subtitles going on for for an original game? I heard they were going to call it....

Vampire, Blood Lines: Masquerade: Don't Look In The Attic (colon) This Time It's Personal (backslash) What Did We Tell YOu About Looking in the Attic (comma) And Sometimes Y"

...but it was already taken.

E3 Sneak Preview

You've heard of Killzone: Shadowfall.  You've heard of Titanfall.  You've heard of Darkfall.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to bring you the fallingest, falliest fall you've ever felt or fell from:


Coming this Fall.

Waxing on Revan

"Looking at Revan was like looking into The Force itself! And yet, he had no G*d-damn personality!" Kreia from Kotor 2.

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