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Super Mario Galaxy Gets a 10!

This year I have loved the games that have come out - Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy 13. Honestly however despite loving these games and not having bought a new game for my Wii in 2 years I was hoping that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was going to reinvigorate my need to play my Wii. Because honestly in the last year my Wii has been used to play Fire Emblem occasionally and sometimes the strange urge to play Kirby Airide and Super Mario Sunshine comes back and I play them.

So I couldn't have asked for more than for SMG2 to be given a 10 - I will rush out and buy it on release when it comes out here in Australia in July. Until then though the Wii may gather more dust.... but I would like to get Monster Hunter Tri, it seems fun.