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Return of the Fanfiction! Zelda: Evolution

The Legend of Zelda – Evolution
Organised Chaos

8 days after he had set out Link had found him self in the heart of the economic community.
The ship had docked late at night, meaning from 3 in the morning, none of the passengers had gotten any sleep.
The movement of goods to and fro was like a constant flow of horses galloping up and down the jetty
After grabbing the things he had out on the desk of his cabin he emerged his room to find Jagga asleep, leaning on his exterior wall.
"Jagga?" Link said nudging him slightly.
"Jagga!" He yelled.
Unfortunately he got no response again.
Though if anything would wake him up, Link knew what it would be, he was a remarkable judge of character.
"Jackson Miller!" Link yelled at the top of his voice.
Jagga woke up in shock losing balance and landing on his back.
"Jee, do ya have to be so loud, one does need sleep" Jagga sleepily replied.
"Well the time for that is over, we have the port to explore!" Link said with a light tone and somewhat pleased demeanour.
"You realise that this aint some wishy-washy port. Follow me, or you wont get off this place" Jagga muttered spoiling Links happiness. Brushing past him and towards the ramp off the boat.
They walked off the boat not seeing what all the fuss was about. There were just ships, their lines of sight were shielded by hordes of sails, and the only clear path, was that of the wooden dock, stretching into the distance.
"Welcome to Island Jaans. It's the biggest, which means a few thousand boats dock here daily. Don't worry, it aint far to the city" Jagga humbly said as if he were a tour guide.
It was strange to Link. Jagga hadn't referred to any place Link had been as a city. It was a town, or the more common, hamlet. It would be interesting to see what one of the establishments he ****fied as a city really was huge, or just a hyped up 'town'.

It was like a road, people going up and down endlessly, except they were faster, more rash.
"Don't dawdle mate! We need to be there post-haste if we are to get anywhere" Jagga yelled at Link from a far way away.
Link ran to catch up noticing the jetty becoming more and more polished, refined and sturdy as the neared the city. Obviously the aristocratic citizens and rich companies got the best parking spots.

After what seemed like an age of walking the 2 finally emerged from the sail curtain.
"Wow……it is big" Link said in awe.
The buildings stretched higher than anything he had seen, up to 10 floors, an amazing feat, in his eyes at least.
The skyline seemed to stretch over island, a jungle of buildings blanketed this island, with trees only in sparsely placed gardens of respite.
A man standing in the middle of the beautifully stoned square was handing out gazettes. While portraying the role of town crier, no doubt there would be more than this one man, no one man could cover all topics let alone be able to give such a large amount of papers out to the public.
"Grab one Link, run and grab it, those things disappear faster than ye gold at a gamblin' house!" Jagga exclaimed pushing Link forward.
He moved quickly, with Jagga in tow. Though he was hindered by people looking at him, like some kind of alien, almost as if they had not seen a Hyrilian before.
"Hurry, don't worry about them, they probably have never seen a regular Hyrilian before" Jagga stated as he pushed Link more.
They received a paper from the crier.
The headline left him in awe.
'Deerlik and Haith wage war'

He read the first couple of sentences aloud, facing Jagga.
Amongst the bloom of the global economies Haith has been in a traumatic recession, and now they have crossed blades with their only substantial threat. Deerlik. Leaving destruction to the port town of Uln, and making the world aware that they are still military rulers.

Hyrule and Coorina have not yet heard of the skirmish, no doubt either will be quick to act, for it is known the 2 are not known for violence.
He put the paper in his rucksack looking at Jagga. People all around them were in shock, some breaking down among the eerie silence that somehow overcome the port.
The world was now torn in such a way, that the world would ripped apart for a lot longer than anyone could imagine.