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It Didnt bye

Sorry i am kinda down... this kinda sucks

Well i tried and i tried, i have taken break after break to get over this slump that this one person on here always gets me into.

I am not going to say who the person is, but they are a total killjoy and after what happened days ago in a certain thread, i got really upset and p***ed off about how they acted, so i left for a while to get over it and then see what happens but i get so irritated by them that i cant stand being here anymore.

So Yeah, everyone here has been great, it was awesome getting to know all of you.

People who have my msn, i am on all the time and stuff, but its holidays and i go out to parties like every night.

I am gonna go to noobfeed,i know that the person isnt there.

So... bye