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Hi Everyone....I'm not dead

Hi all I have been gone so not long but i still cant remember how long its been :?

I have been off on a mission to get good grades and get over the flu.

Well it worked i got 99-100 on every test bar health (damn ankle got me a B+ grade)

So i am happy about that.

And i got a flu much worse than the swine flu which now has 5 million people of our 22 million people here on severe watch or in Quarantine. Especially since if you live in Melbourne most school is cancelled.

I also got into the browser game called Evony, however i am out of that stage now.

Plus i kinda promised Mario Brawler that i would come back :D... I was gonna have a longer break, but i think he told me someone thought i got hit by a bus or i better come and say i am alive.

Also i got my new Xbox Live account up and running, it still only has 4700 GS but it should have 6000 by the end of next week.

Me and Fire Emblem SS (who some of you may know) went shopping on the weekend to buy stuffz. He got Dead Space and Blue Dragon and I bought Halo Wars and 3000 microsoft points and gold.

Oh and for the unions i let down for not being here i am sorry, I probably shoulda resigned everywhere before i left.

Anyway i hope everyone is well! Its freezing here in the warm Sunburnt nation where it has been raining straight for the past 2 weeks. XP