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Fire_Emblem_RD Blog

An immense death toll - I just cannot believe it

The Death toll in the fires that have spread across Australia

Is now at 108. With 800 houses burned and countless more in the line of fire. On the news we watched a house E.X.P.L.O.D.E! and in 15 seconds, watched a whole 100 hectare field go up in smoke. It was incredible, but completely terrifying at the same time

Its horrible, that people lit these fires.

This is now, the worst disastar TO EVER OCCUR TO AUSTRALIA


Australia is melting. Literally

This weekend New South Wales, wont just be the hottest place in Australia. Nope it'll be the hottest place

In Asia

AND IT GETS Bigger, New SOuth Wales, will be

The Hottest Place on the Planet, on the 7 and 8 of February.


People in Melbourne and Adelaide (SA and VIC) Have had constant cut outs of electricity.

And in melbourne the trains arent running.


AND I CAN GUARANTEE it will only get worse, with one whole month of Summer left who knows what will happen, all i can say is.


Hooray for Warranty

Well my ipod was brokeded i couldnt get it to work, so we took it to the sydney apple store, and it couldnt be restarted


Sin and Punishment 2!!!! plus GC remakes!

Well upon reading the new,

Official Nintendo Magazine Australia (its new, only the second issue) 

I came across, the fact they were making this!  

And the fact that they are remaking

Mario Power Tennis


Pikmin 2 and DK jungle beat. 

YOwie this is good 

any 3 Questions + Insider Joke Central

Ok i want people to ask me any 3 questions and unless they are seriously strange or inappropriate i will answer them!!!!

Plus an update in my world, in my group of friends, we do a lot of things, party's movies etc, and this new kid came today and told us, that all these people are unhappy that everytime we are anywhere near them its because of crazy or styupid things that have happened, and its simple,

We say


and so i realised that on average we create 4 insider jokes a week.

Todays insider joke:

We were in elective history and we are looking at murders (OMG 2nd day of school) and me and a friend totally got this case and now we are writing a blog series called

The adventures of Sherlock and Holmesy, solely because, we were that good!, well it was luck, but not everyone has to know that.

Oh and yesterdays first day of school joke, was i have a WORLD DOMINATION BUDDY yep thats write, we are gonna be like mega awesome dux's and like yeah.

SO as freakishly sugar overloaded i might sound, i am quite sane! And i will update, sooooon!!!

First Day back at School

Well Today i began my 10th year of school

I got my electives


Commerce and

Elective History

And the problem is, I made top maths.

And that means i got Mr Chandra, and i cant even understand what he says. He just has this weird way of pronouncing things.

And i cant believe that today i technically began my school certificate. I mean really next year i take the test, and that i still have a lot to cover, but I mean, this is going to be like a big moment for my education, it even contributes to my UAI, and will allow me to do an IB (international bacholoriate) or something like that.

I just cant believe its already begun

School = DEATH = History = Rant

Well as meaningless as it sounds *cough*

My summer break is over, and even though there is still A MONTH of summer left. i have to go back to school *throws chair out of window*

But at at any non destructive rate i thought it was time you should know something.

I am stuck in History classes.

Yep as even more meaningless as that sounds i stupidly chose elective history which does mean that every week i am spending 320 minutes, over 5 hours learning about history. While 2 and a half of those hours may contain a bit of fun (solely because of my obsession with ancient history)

But under law it is COMPULSORY to do Australian History for the SC.

The thing is, overseas, most people now view our history as much like the movie

Which while it does depict things that happened in australia, it talks about a small amount of time, in the Northern Territory, which is kinda important, but if you look at the picture of Australia above this writing you will see lines across it. these depict the states and territories. Now the northern territory the one in the middle and up the top, has a meager 240,000 people in it.

There are more than that in 5 of the suburbs around me!!!!!!!

So seriously. There is a lot more history than that movie and people should be aware of that.

But to be frank, i dont really want to recap the stuff we spent 2 years learning back in primary school just so we can have how well we know about the FIrst Fleet and James Cook, on a piece of paper.


YIPES this has been a long blog


My most important blog yet - ITS AUSTRALIA DAY

Australians all lets us rejoice for we are young and free

With golden soil and wealth for toil our land is curt by sea

Our land abound in natures gifts of beauty rich and rare

In Historys page let every stage

Advance Australia Fair

In joyful strains, let us sing

Advance Australia Fair

Thats only verse one.

Its a very important day.

Because 108 years ago we became the commonwealth of Australia.

Our own Nation.

While the Queen is still our head of state, but we can become a republic when ever we want.

But because i know more about handling the economic state than the government does i am happy we arent on our own *stops ranting*

Anyway its a very important day and i think it should be recognised by all

P.S its tomorrow but i dont know if i can get on.


Dun, dun DUUNNN I am backz

Well it was a nice time @ KILLcare, lol

It was super rough, at one point the water was up to my neck and the waves were completely towering over me :s:s:s

And i got sun burnt


And i dont know what its like in America, but apparently its not supposed to be nearly as strong. Here on a hot day, no matter what your skin tone, YOU WILL be burnt in

10 MINUTES :o:o:o:o:o

And yeah. I would've posted pictures, but i didnt because i forgot to take my camera :(:(:(

But anyway, it was fun