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Uh oh Operation Time

Yeah, i am getting a yucky operation today in about 1 and a half hours.

Its called a Fronectomy and i am getting it because I have a bulge of gum in between my front 2 teeth and they have to laser it off.

So i get a needle IN MY MOUTH OH GOD ( i have a bit of a phobia ) and then its half an hour of trauma centre horror.

Anyway i get 4 stitches and yah.


After the Operartion:

Well I got 3 needles, and my gum has been significantly reduced

My mouth is normal except everything is blood red :(:( well it was hell but i look more normal now :P:P

The Legend of Zelda Evolution - Chapter 1 - The rugged Informer

It appears here a day before the Nintendo Fan Fiction union. But that will change soon. So Join to see future chapters!

After reading up on everything he could about the continents beyond his, Link had become confident enough to search the land beyond the fog of the Zoran Channel.

"One ticket to Central Archipelago please" Link asked the men standing at the end of the public pier.

He hand over the rupees to the man on the right and stepped onto the large merchant vessel.

He stood on the side of the boats walkways as busy sailors rushed to and fro.

"Ye look a tad flustered mate" A voice loudly called, startling him.

Link turned around to see a man, his rough exterior immediately made him think of a veteran sailor, but he was much too young.

He then noticed the scabbard on his right side and stereotypical beard. He was a sea dweller. No pirate, but a man of sea combat and knowledge.

"What if I am" Link replied in a casual fashion.

"Ye don't need to be shy, most of you Hyrilian young'uns aren't familiar to the world outside your precious lands"

Link was startled and angry by the assumption Hyrilians were not commercialised and ancient.

"Its just daunting, that's all" He replied sounding more honest.

"It sinks in, there ain't anyone round here who wasn't startled at first, don't worry, I'll stick by you, call me Jagga, and Jackson Miller around any o' those upper ****pansies" Jagga replied.

While Link was not expecting to gain some unwanted luggage so early on his trip he wasn't going to turn someone so well informed at first sight despite them being rugged and unhygienic.

Over the next couple of days Link and Jagga grew relatively close, exchanging information and experiences.

"There is political unrest in the Haith region right now, there is a lot of rebellion and riots in the nation, the capital has been under-siege by unions. Deerlik is in economic prosperity, and they are said to be the reason Haith is in so much trouble, Deerlik has always been the underdog, and that is changing.

While Coorin is only very lightly populated, but it is in the midst of a revolution" Jagga summarised the detail descriptions over the past 2 days as the Central Archipelago came into sight.

Link had decided to keep Jagga in tow for a while, as while illiterate he was smart, real smart.

"So you've told me about everything, but what of the central archipelago?" Link asked.

Jagga sighed.

"It's a trading capital, but it's the neutral spot of our world. No one will attack it, every nation has part of their fleet there. There are whole islands for certain commodities, nations or companies. It's the beating heart that we need to survive, even pirates need it, why without it, there wont be anything to steal" Jagga explained as seriously as possible.

The Central Archipelago seemed to be the most daunting of all, even though it had no supreme ruler, it seemed to need to run like clock work, and such a large duty meant determination and absolute tenacity.

Link had much to thank Jagga for, not only because he had now been told what state the world was in, and how to survive in it. But he had gained, an unbelievably vital thing. A friend.

Halo Wars: Impressions

Halo Wars, was kinda a look at wat would happen after the Halo trilogy finished.

WHere others would take it..

Now i was intriuged to find it getting a 6.5. And for once, i have to say, its pretty accurate.

WHile i would give it a 7.5.

It hasnt got the diversity in its gameplay to keep you for long if you arent an RTS junkie. While ther are unique units, super units and leader powers, it doesnt provide a lot between each other.

Though it has good points. I you have played Pikmin 2, you would tried multiplayer mode. I was kinda like that, but you had a base where you could build stuff. Instead of using cherries to wreak havoc you used powers.

I mean, its enjoyable and fun, but i think its kinda like Halo 3. Have Xbox live, or it wont laqst you very long

The reason for my inactivity

I noticed that i havnt been posting enough.

And while this may sound like an excuse, i am going for dux this year and aiming to top the 3 mains and an elective.





And i have a science project that is worth 15% of my yearly mark on my shoulders, and i has to be perfect.

So i am trying my best, but as most people know.

School always comes first

My First FanFic Ever!

The Legend Of Zelda – Evolution

Part 1


Its been 800 years since the battle for Hyrule.

The hero bloodline has since become a lost memory, and the arts that once were so important to the lands of the past. The sword, the gods, and the sacred magic have become something discussed only in religious ceremonies and the lessons taught by local teachers.

The Ocarina of time has since been hidden and Hyrule has changed more than was thought possible.

The advances was thanks to a Zora exploration team that was searching the bewilderness beyond Lake Hylia.

They found was seemed to be a filled in lake passage. Which lead to a huge ocean, one unrivalled by any other. Something that had never been seen in written history, Zoran scouts swam far and wide over days and nights only to reports ocean, and more ocean, with no land anywhere across the horizon.

Over time people from all over Hyrule chipped away at the passage, and slowly the world of Hyrule had united, commercialised and advanced, creating civilised parliament and a system of law and order.

This only occurred because of the vast talents needed to dig up the land that seemed to have been beat down. Gorons rolled over the earth, roughing it up, making it soft enough to dig up.

The Zora clan was able to dig up the dirt residue on the bottom of the lake.

While humans were able to dig up the roughed dirt.

Though 23 years after the passage had been finished, a mysterious ship squeezed throught the canal and into the lake, Zoran scouts reported the strange occurrence to the parliament that had been set up in the Hyrulian Capital.

They quickly sent out a scout wearing the sacred triforce symbol to greet the mysterious vessel.

Humans came up from below deck pointing crossbows, lances and swords down at the perplexed cavalry.

"Who are you" The obvious leader yelled.

"We are bound from the land of Hyrule, why do you disturb our peace with your weapons" One of the soldiers replied.

There was an immediate reaction to the mysterious men. The clicking and humming of the insects once again became apparent, and the only voices melodic howls of the wind.

"Hmph, so be it Hyrulian, we are explorers from the Kingdom of Deerlik far to the west" The leader called out breaking what had become an eerie silence.

There were looks of suspicion among the Hyrulian cavalry, a world, not known to them.

Had they been living in seclusion and the reason they had not found this new world, was because they were not clever enough to look beyond the haven of trees that seemed to fence the rest of the known world.

Horses rode back to the Market town to retrieve resources to help the newly acquainted Deerlikian foreigners.

And from then, people from all over the newly discovered world had come to Hyrule. Lake Hylia had become a bustling port town, trading foreign goods for Hyrulian goods suck as deku nuts, bombchu's and elemental arrows.

Leaving the world open for exploration, there was no reason for people to stay in Hyrule.

People had learnt about there neighbouring continents Deerlik Haith and Coorin.

So on the day of the new year. The youngest of the lost bloodline set sail on a ship bound for the Central Archipelago. From there Haith and Coorin were only a day away.

There was a wide world to explore. Full of untouched wonders, secrets and mystique, and he was in no way going to miss out on it.

Add my MSN!!! :o:o:o

Wellz i have decided i want to put my MSN out for everyone to see

It is *drum rolls*

yes it is strange, but its the same one i have had for 7 years so i am keeping it :P:P

Yes add me please i am trying to get 200 MSN contacts as well

Its....OVER 700

As internet cliched as it sounds that is how many centimeters some of Queensland is under water.

that is 7 meters. But sadly i dont the know the convertion into yards if people still use that.

And yeah, thats about it

Crazy Weather

Believe it or not.

We have gone from record setting heat, to the ccoldest days in summer, and torrential rain

It really cold, well not really for the some parts of the northern hemisphere, but in a city that rarely gets below 15 degrees Celcius in the day time in winter, and its 21 in summer

I can run around, do a 5km run no sweat in 118 degrees fahrenheit, but heck, i cant walk around in shorts and a T-Shirt when its so winterry.


"Brrr its cawld!!!!!!"

*sceams because its so cold*

"Argh! its raining outside like you wouldnt believe!"

No seriously, its rained like 15 cm in like 1 night.

And yet there are still 14 fire out of control.

BTW they found the guy who did it, and there is a worry that people will retaliate and blow up the guys house.

The death toll stand at 181 and over 1840 homes have been burnt.