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Australias - Most Deadly

Todays issue. the top 2 venomous snakes. OMG they are both in Aus

1. The inland Taipan

The MOST VENOMOUS ----- land SNAKE in the world

The Eastern Brown Snake.

The 2nd most venomous land snake in the world

You can find these in my backyard :P

Eastern Brown Snake, Tamban Forest near Kempsey, New South Wales

Japanese Stuffz

Well i have been hard at work writing all about my family, in japanese. All the different particles and stuff make it a complicated language to learn.

I think i was a japanese person in the past life, abecause i find it really easy, but then again i get told i was italian in a past life because i can never stop eating italian food.

Did you know Things you might not know

The Platypus

Males have a poisonous spur on their front legs. Also they are one of the only mammals that lay eggs

Ever wonder how Dewgong got its name from the fact it looks like a Seal.

Meet a Dugong

Also known as a sea cow, there are only 4 in captivity world wide though they are quite common in the wild.

Further more look at this

It is a desert dwelling thorny devil, no really thats its name,

the thorny devil.

Did you know all of them?? Had you ever even seen or heard of them before.

Out of level 20...FINALLY


Finally! I was like half way through it before the points got pushed back and i got shoved back to level 18.

And now i am on 21 HOORAY~

The third wheel

Well in my time here, some of you would have learned about the incredibly horrible, terrible, mean, rude and animal-like people in my grade.

Well today 2 of the key people in my grade hooked up leaviong one of my best friends stuck between. She has become the horrible

"Third Wheel" --- Not needed and not wanted

Now being a best friend of the 3rd wheel i can only feel sorry for her demotion to 3rd wheel, because now, she must completely seperate herself from the group so she doesnt become the 'emotional baggage' class.

Sadly there has never been this kinda situation in our group. But in grade news a girl is pregnant

I REPEAT, A GIRL IS PREGGO!!!! She leeches on to people like bloody mossi's. Though its not our fault she was running around like a little ho.

Back to the social class, this boy and girl couple arent what i'd call nice. Sure i am friends, but i know that they arent far away from spreading more rumours as possible. But its difficult to not get involved when a lot of the group has already been recruited.

A fight is in the mix. UH OH!

STITCHES OUT Friday the 13th is real!!! Its been a bad night

Well my parents got divorced...6 years ago, and this weekend they both rage at me about how it was the other persons fault.

and it turns out it goes a lot deeper than i thought.

Yeah but i dont want to go into that deep (hahahah) detail.

So it turns out 6 years later the divorce plays a mean role still in my life. Probably because my parents are so stubborn they think its all the other persons fault....

ME START POSTING AGAIN TOMRO, i gots my stitches out today so i couldnt post. And my mouth is sore. But now my teeth are perfect.

SO SOON NO BRACES *crowd applauses*


Mean internet is being mean! + Gaming Rant

Well it kinda stinks that my dads internet loads at around 1 page per hour :cry: So until tomorrow night i wont be on. Its incredib;y irritating

Also i have been playing a lot of Tales of Symphonia

So this week i got through the whole 2nd disc and i get to the end, where one by one each member sacrifices themself to help Lloyd.

And in the last one there is him and Genis.

And even though you are (you should) be over level 70, he uses fire ball. AND OH NO the hole is closing up.

So even though he can make huge meteors barrage enemies he uses the MOST BASIC SPELL. I love the game but that is seriously messed up. You can make a spell capable of killing anything and yet he uses Fire ball, THIS IS HERECY TO THE GAME...HERECY!!!! Though this isnt the only cutscene battle flaw the game holds.

Including Lloyds, he only ever uses demon fang.

Colette only ever used Ray thrust. And the fact never nice :twisted: (stupid manwhore)

In other news,Despite being an AustralianI watched my first game of AFL (Australian Football League), probably because i hate it and had nothing else to do. If any other Aussies do happen to stumble across this its because i like League and Union more. Plus I'm from NSW and AFL is very much a VIC sport.

But i realised something about this sport. Its really wierd!! I play league on occasion andI sat there for 15 minutes wondering why they were able to just pretty much punch the ball to each other, and crazily kick the ball everywhere.

Finally! A job

Well even though i cant commercially get a job for another 2 months i have gotten a job tutoring a girl in maths.

She's in year 5 and still having trouble with her times tables, but we'll get through it.

Today i taught her Square numbers and Square Roots, and for about 45 min i got paid $20!!! cool! So with my pocket money i can earn $40 and if i help in the garden $50. And soon i can get a proper job!!! AWESOME

And GS is being mean so i havnt been able to post my fanfic even though i have tried 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times!!!