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Half Yearly Examination

Yes the title may explain my sudden absence.

I have 14 tests, so i cant really make a lot of time for Gamespot but i should be able to get back on properly on Thursday okie


The Test that is Naplan

Well as probably 2 of you know. I have begun my 15 exams of hell.

I completed 2 today.


Yowie. I freaked out.Though upon turning over my paper. I realised.

A ranked skills test. Doesnt take skills to be good at.

A 45 minute test (preliminaries) took me 15 minutes. I checked. 2 times. ANd yet i ask you.

If we have such a great educational system. Why was one of the noted mistakes that you had to rewrite. Bilding and fix the spelling error.


Building OH MI GOSH how difficult does this get people. I can just tell how impossibly hard you think building is to spell. Of course the fact that english is my strong point enabled me to rip through it quickly.

But that doesn't change the fact that it was so easy i was practically laughing as to what i was doing.

Well anyway i still have a week and a half of testing. 4 more NAPLAN tests and a ton of half years. I mean come on. But i think i should list what tests i have having

5.3 Maths Course Unit 4-5


English x3

Science x3


Elective History

PD/H/PE x2


*Half Dies* anyway...yeah

A warm summer day...

Well to start things off, i am officially an injured citizen of the commonwealth of Australia. I have torn all the ligaments in my left wrist :cry::cry::cry:

But on a lighter note, it was a warm/bone-chilling 21 degrees celsius today. YIPES that tis cold! But it turns out a new britishy exchange student couldnt believe that it was this warm this close to winter. As 21 degrees C is in no way cold in england. As we were all in scarves, jumps and long pants, he was in shorts and a t-shirt (we have a cool uniform)

Talk about different sides of a planet! Though i wont be happy when it gets to around 7 degrees during the day, and with it windy, it'll feel even colder.

Though i guess thats why people invented ducted heating :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

On Gaming Notes, i have 200 bucks to spend, so what should i buy, i am open for suggestions

Formats: PC, Wii, 360, DS, Virtual Console, Wii Ware, Xbox Live Arcade

Holidays are over - First Day back at school + More Video games

Eww! Holidays are over and i just experienced my first day at school.

I tried out for VolleyBall Reps today, as my school sport. I got under 15's MVP for the semester last year, and I AM GONNA DO IT AGAIN THIS YEAR!

Plus i skidded on a tennis court last friday and kinda fractured my arm :?, i have no idea how the heck i tried out for the volley ball team, was hitting it properly and somehow overcoming immense pain.

Oh well i guess thats life, though life today brought me a new enemy.

It turns a little who*e from year 7 has returned this term, and oh god is she a druggo.

Though first day got worse. Seriously, i got a new time table *barfs* horrible, i have all the bad subjects on the same days.

And even worse, i found out i have my testing week in 4 weeks plus i have the

National Assessment (something beginning with P) Literacy And Numeracy AKA NAPLAN.

So i have 9 days of consecutive testing that spans my time this year and in the past 2 years. YOWIE.

So sorry if i dim my activity a bit not next week but the week after, i want to get perfect grades.

Now to the video game part though, i have decided i wish to talk more about video games in this blog, i mean, sure my life is action packed with all the mean people and me hurting myself all the time, but this is called gamespot for a reason. So at the end of each blog i will talk about video games, or i might procrastinate about talking about video games. Anyway hope everyones well

Fractured my arm + Unions

yeah, so at tennis camp last week, on the last day, someone drop shotted and i tried to get it. Just as i did get it, i lost balance and slid for 4 meters ripping skin all off my left arm and leg.

Incidentally the tennis raquets edging was what i landed my arm on, so i landed on titanium.

A couple of hours after i couldnt move it and we went to the hospital and i have fractured it and damaged my whole forearm quite severely.

OUCH! I need to type with a pillow under my elbow!.

At any rate my misfortune timed with the returning of a great leader.

The Nintendo All Star's Leader Mario Brawler almost instantly brought back activity and is already putting plans into place to make it super active again. YAY

In other union news, other cool unions include

Daxter223's Ultimate Design Union - It has cool contests and there are really cool people there

Papermariofan57's Guide and Discussion Union - Super active!

And i just joined the Social Cafe Union which seems uber cool and is incredibly active

Have Fun - RD

Looking for some unions to join

Slowly and steadily i have been leaving unions that i do not find interesting anymore, or the people i knew there have all left.

So i want people to tell me some nice active unions that i might join. :):):)

ONE YEAR ON GAMESPOT! (important blog)

Well yeah, its been a whole year since i joined this place.

So i decided i would make a blog as all the landmarks i have made.

First Union: The Great NIntendo Gamer Union

First Friend: DK_47

Best Friend: No idea

First Officership: The Greatest Franchise Union

Posts: 7832

Reviews: 26

Current Unread Messages: 1026

Blog Posts: 103 including this

Best Thing this past year: Got my Macbook Pro

Worst Thing: The incident of Hell September (past blog)

Current Dragonfly Rare Status: Rare trainee

Person Who got me to design: Mario Brawler

Person who got me to join Deviantart: Anihimrox222/supermanga:P

First Design:

TheFireEmblemBanner.png 2nd banner picture by Fire_Emblem_RD

First Sig:

SigA.png My first sig picture by Fire_Emblem_RD

4 days till a year

Yes. It is 4 days till my most importantest blog ever. Which will be


LLLOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG and interesting...maybe.

Anyway yeah