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Fire_Emblem_RD Blog

Wow it's been 2 years... Hi

I haven't really, properly used Gamespot for almost 2 years now.

Is anyone still here?

Notably, are there any active unions left? I used to love them, but I heard they were all dead. :'(


Super Mario Galaxy Gets a 10!

This year I have loved the games that have come out - Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy 13. Honestly however despite loving these games and not having bought a new game for my Wii in 2 years I was hoping that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was going to reinvigorate my need to play my Wii. Because honestly in the last year my Wii has been used to play Fire Emblem occasionally and sometimes the strange urge to play Kirby Airide and Super Mario Sunshine comes back and I play them.

So I couldn't have asked for more than for SMG2 to be given a 10 - I will rush out and buy it on release when it comes out here in Australia in July. Until then though the Wii may gather more dust.... but I would like to get Monster Hunter Tri, it seems fun.


Going to Japan!

Well at my school every 2 years students who study japanese have the opportunity to go on an excursion overseas. I am going with some of my best friends and we get to go to Tokyo Osaka and Kyoto :) and i am really pumped to go to Tokyo Disney.

Luckily its only a 9 hour flight so it wont be painful.

Anyways i thought i might just throw it out there that my Xbox Live account is Fire Emblem RD (wow what a surprise :P) add me if you want. :)

Oh Mah Gawd!

Hiya :)

This to you may just be a regular score board but to me its awesome!

I got the number 1 score on the planet for Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas on Medium in Riddim Ribbon today, i know it just came out but lets face facts i am not going to be nerdy enough to stay there, so while it lasts for a few hours i will be happy that i occupied the top spot on the planet for this song :)

Edit* I also got number 2 on Hard and Number 3 for Benny Benassi Satisfaction on Medium :)

IMG_0142.png OMG picture by Fire_Emblem_RD

It Didnt bye

Sorry i am kinda down... this kinda sucks

Well i tried and i tried, i have taken break after break to get over this slump that this one person on here always gets me into.

I am not going to say who the person is, but they are a total killjoy and after what happened days ago in a certain thread, i got really upset and p***ed off about how they acted, so i left for a while to get over it and then see what happens but i get so irritated by them that i cant stand being here anymore.

So Yeah, everyone here has been great, it was awesome getting to know all of you.

People who have my msn, i am on all the time and stuff, but its holidays and i go out to parties like every night.

I am gonna go to noobfeed,i know that the person isnt there.

So... bye

Getting my Iphone + Rant on Australian Gaming

Hiya Guys. I will start by expressing my anger over Australian's view of Gaming and Games.

First of all. What do you think is the first thing people see when they see someone with a wii.

A kid. 5-11 years old is getting one. So they can play Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Because lets be serious. The adds here for games involve either celebreties endorsing Wii (insert title here) games or a nuclear family playing a gaming laughing and having fun in what always seems to be

The same house.

Lets be very serious. How many people here, sit down with their families and play Super Smash Brothers Brawl...In the middle of the day. Seriously, because people here think that all the games modelled on this form of advertisement are family games. Furthermore games such as Metroid do not get an ad.

I understand that Nintendo is doing amazing with the casual market while still keeping a hardcore audience as well. But it isnt fair to do so to the extent that everyone in the country thinks they are for 7 year olds. While when you see a game for a different console its.

Oh look its Resident Evil 5. Oh look its GTA 4. Oh look its Halo 3. Oh look its Metal Gear Solid 4.

I think it is silly why for at least one ad they cant just have the game, playing through it, rather than have Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden stand there playing wii sports. You see more of them laughing then actual gaming footage. I understand everyone on the planet knows wii sports, but it is an Celebrity endorsing a game, not a Celebrity playing a game while having fun with their fiancee.

It is just creating such a huge and stupid stereotypical view of consoles here in Australia. We have no major event like E3. We do not get many Nintendo Events..... this year was the first year we had a pokemon event. I understand we are not a big country, 22 million isnt a lot. But it just sucks to kinda be left out a lot and have a gaming market that is becoming increasingly difficult to be a Nintendo Lover in Australia

But away from that, I want to begin reviewing again. If you want you can suggest a game :)

Peace :)

New Banner

Well i made a new banner. Kinda different from my last one.

I want it to look dark and only have that tiny bit of colour and the render very much blocked.

But i want to know how i can improve it.

So if you can give me some tips it would be great

Hi Everyone....I'm not dead

Hi all I have been gone so not long but i still cant remember how long its been :?

I have been off on a mission to get good grades and get over the flu.

Well it worked i got 99-100 on every test bar health (damn ankle got me a B+ grade)

So i am happy about that.

And i got a flu much worse than the swine flu which now has 5 million people of our 22 million people here on severe watch or in Quarantine. Especially since if you live in Melbourne most school is cancelled.

I also got into the browser game called Evony, however i am out of that stage now.

Plus i kinda promised Mario Brawler that i would come back :D... I was gonna have a longer break, but i think he told me someone thought i got hit by a bus or i better come and say i am alive.

Also i got my new Xbox Live account up and running, it still only has 4700 GS but it should have 6000 by the end of next week.

Me and Fire Emblem SS (who some of you may know) went shopping on the weekend to buy stuffz. He got Dead Space and Blue Dragon and I bought Halo Wars and 3000 microsoft points and gold.

Oh and for the unions i let down for not being here i am sorry, I probably shoulda resigned everywhere before i left.

Anyway i hope everyone is well! Its freezing here in the warm Sunburnt nation where it has been raining straight for the past 2 weeks. XP

Return of the Fanfiction! Zelda: Evolution

The Legend of Zelda – Evolution
Organised Chaos

8 days after he had set out Link had found him self in the heart of the economic community.
The ship had docked late at night, meaning from 3 in the morning, none of the passengers had gotten any sleep.
The movement of goods to and fro was like a constant flow of horses galloping up and down the jetty
After grabbing the things he had out on the desk of his cabin he emerged his room to find Jagga asleep, leaning on his exterior wall.
"Jagga?" Link said nudging him slightly.
"Jagga!" He yelled.
Unfortunately he got no response again.
Though if anything would wake him up, Link knew what it would be, he was a remarkable judge of character.
"Jackson Miller!" Link yelled at the top of his voice.
Jagga woke up in shock losing balance and landing on his back.
"Jee, do ya have to be so loud, one does need sleep" Jagga sleepily replied.
"Well the time for that is over, we have the port to explore!" Link said with a light tone and somewhat pleased demeanour.
"You realise that this aint some wishy-washy port. Follow me, or you wont get off this place" Jagga muttered spoiling Links happiness. Brushing past him and towards the ramp off the boat.
They walked off the boat not seeing what all the fuss was about. There were just ships, their lines of sight were shielded by hordes of sails, and the only clear path, was that of the wooden dock, stretching into the distance.
"Welcome to Island Jaans. It's the biggest, which means a few thousand boats dock here daily. Don't worry, it aint far to the city" Jagga humbly said as if he were a tour guide.
It was strange to Link. Jagga hadn't referred to any place Link had been as a city. It was a town, or the more common, hamlet. It would be interesting to see what one of the establishments he ****fied as a city really was huge, or just a hyped up 'town'.

It was like a road, people going up and down endlessly, except they were faster, more rash.
"Don't dawdle mate! We need to be there post-haste if we are to get anywhere" Jagga yelled at Link from a far way away.
Link ran to catch up noticing the jetty becoming more and more polished, refined and sturdy as the neared the city. Obviously the aristocratic citizens and rich companies got the best parking spots.

After what seemed like an age of walking the 2 finally emerged from the sail curtain.
"Wow……it is big" Link said in awe.
The buildings stretched higher than anything he had seen, up to 10 floors, an amazing feat, in his eyes at least.
The skyline seemed to stretch over island, a jungle of buildings blanketed this island, with trees only in sparsely placed gardens of respite.
A man standing in the middle of the beautifully stoned square was handing out gazettes. While portraying the role of town crier, no doubt there would be more than this one man, no one man could cover all topics let alone be able to give such a large amount of papers out to the public.
"Grab one Link, run and grab it, those things disappear faster than ye gold at a gamblin' house!" Jagga exclaimed pushing Link forward.
He moved quickly, with Jagga in tow. Though he was hindered by people looking at him, like some kind of alien, almost as if they had not seen a Hyrilian before.
"Hurry, don't worry about them, they probably have never seen a regular Hyrilian before" Jagga stated as he pushed Link more.
They received a paper from the crier.
The headline left him in awe.
'Deerlik and Haith wage war'

He read the first couple of sentences aloud, facing Jagga.
Amongst the bloom of the global economies Haith has been in a traumatic recession, and now they have crossed blades with their only substantial threat. Deerlik. Leaving destruction to the port town of Uln, and making the world aware that they are still military rulers.

Hyrule and Coorina have not yet heard of the skirmish, no doubt either will be quick to act, for it is known the 2 are not known for violence.
He put the paper in his rucksack looking at Jagga. People all around them were in shock, some breaking down among the eerie silence that somehow overcome the port.
The world was now torn in such a way, that the world would ripped apart for a lot longer than anyone could imagine.