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My Top 10 Games of 2010. Part 2

Link to Part 1

Number 5

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

When Ubisoft announced Assassin's Creed Brotherhood , a sequel to the critically acclaimed Assassin's Creed 2 , I was kind of surprised , but not positively . I actually thought it was a very big mistake to make a sequel so soon . But for now , when I tried the game by myself I can say the following : AC Brotherhood can be called , without a doubt , a full-flegged sequel to its predecessor . In fact , it is an improvement over a game that itself was a big improvement . And that is what I really appreciated about AC Brotherhood . Every single feature in the game saw improvements which really help make the Asassin's Creed experience even more better than before . In the recent years , games which have multiplayer components use to deliver a short to medium lenghed single player campaign. But that's not about AC Brotherhood . Ubisoft managed to craft a lenghy , satisfying , engaging and adorable campaign with twists and turns , an gorgeous city to explore , fun main and side quests , more action packed challenges , great characters and environments which perfectly resemble the renaissance era . Aside from the amazing campaign , there is a online competitive multiplayer component . To be honest I haven't really got fully into it , but from what I experienced , this is a very unique and one-of-kind multiplayer . Sure , the upgrade system is insipred from other games but the core gameplay which require logic and tactical thinking is a no where else to be seen experience worth trying out for everyone that enjoys playing online with friends . Overall , AC Brotherhood delivered on the finest open-world experiences of 2010 and the most unique MP in my recent memory

Number 4

StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty

To be honest , I've never been a fan of Real-time-strategy games at all before playing StarCraft II . But ,after I've seen some of the trailers and gameplays I decided to give StarCraft II a try . And didn't ever regret . At first I've ran into the campaign . It's epic story , clever gameplay , massive attention to detail and high production values from one of the most respected PC game developers these days ( Blizzard Entertainment) , sucked me in . The game provided some of the most immersive science fiction storylines I've ever seen ( Jimmy Raynor vs Sarah Kerrigan vs drunk Tychus :D ) , amazing cutscenes , a great score , and a touching ending filled with , from what I heard , one of the most comfortable , easy to learn , RTS mechanics ever . As usual ,immidiately after beating the campaign , I fired up the multiplayer . And this is where Blizzard actually delivered its best . This is , by far , the best multiplayer mode , not only in any RTS game , but among all games from 2010 . I was surprised by its level of balance , deep customization and , in comparison to the campaign , the ability to play as all the races in the franchise (Terran , Zerg , Protoss ) . StarCraft II is one of those few RTSs I played (this is simply not my genre ) but still it deserves to be so high oMWn my list of the best games of 2010 .

Number 3

Call of Duty Black Ops

I will say from the beginning . Call of Duty Black Ops is my favorite game in the whole franchise . This is just my opinion , again . Now , I'll try to justify it . After Modern Warfare 2 , a great game that was literally ruined by its developers , Infinity Ward , I wasn't expecting something refreshing from the past year's iteration of the franchise , Black Ops . I was thinking that if in the battle between CoD4 and World at War (developed by IW and Treyarch respectively ) , CoD4 surely wins , in the battle between Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops , the first will also win . In fact this is a matter of opinion , but I personally think that Black Ops outnumbers MW2 . I won't say much about the campaign , except of it being a more lenghy one , a more brutal one and a more varied one . It even has an all star cast consisting of such great actors such as Sam Worthington , Ice Cube , Gary Oldman , Ed Harris and more . Now about the multiplayer : here , in Black Ops , it does a god job of living up to the CoD standards delivering the most versatile , the most balanced Call of Duty multiplayer experience ever , in my opinion . I'm pretty sure everyone will be playing this far into 2011 until the next Call of Duty . Brace yourself for the best multiplayer shooter of this year , Call of Duty Black Ops .

Number 2

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game by Rockstar so far . You say "Why not GTA IV? " . I say : beacuase Red Dead Redemption is far better than GTA4 . Its not just GTA in wild west . Its a game with its own face , own atmosphere just using the GTA engine . I have never got into a game' atmosphere such as in Red Dead Redemption . It depicts the wild west exactly as it was at the beginning of the 20th century known to be the dawn of the most important eras in the history of the USA . Almost everything in the game was polished to be perfect : environments, music , mechanics , graphics , voice work , characters , production values , quests...i don't know what else...every single thing in this game is perfect . Don't get me wrong, but Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece . I wish there were more such games , but such games are rare and everyone , everyone who likes games should at least try it . I can praise Red Dead Redemption all day long 'cause its a true work of a art . A nearly perfect game! I don't know what else to say...just lay the'll understand what i'm talking about . Now you ask "why did you give it the 2nd place then ? " . The answer is obvious . Because of....


Mass Effect 2

If Red Dead Redemption is close to perfection than Mass Effect 2 is even closer . Its a sequel every sequel should be . It just makes makes my favorite SF video game even better . I can't even believe I was paying it because it felt like a movie but with a 30-40 hour runtime. Mass Effect 2 is an RPG by nature , but is surprisingly that it succeeds also as an third person shooter even coming on par with such great TPSs as Gears of War or Uncharted . Sure , its shooting mechanics aren't as polished as in these games , but in order to watch a new cutscene , to hear a new dialogue , to learn something about the iconic characters in the game , its actually worth shooting mechs , geth and collectors . I don't mean the combat system is bad . In fact , its even very good . But as I said , experiencing a new cinematic splendor of which the game is filled from start to finish is far more satisfying than shooting . Mass Effect 2 is completely immersive . It blows you away, it wows you every 10 minutes , it brings you what every gamer needs these days , it tells an heroic story full of plot twists , turn , decisive moments . It boasts great visuals alongside with my favourite videogame soundtrack ever , Just as with Red Dead Redemption , Mass Effect 2 is a work of art , it its my 2nd favorite of all time behind Fallout 3 . SInce I have beaten Mass Effect 2 3 times (and I still want more) , completed all the DLC missions , done every single side quest I say once more : games like ME2 are extremely rare . Great graphics , masterfully directed and edited cutscenes , numerous well-balanced ****s make for some huge replay value . Characters are iconic and distinctive , choices you make really matter and drive the story in your own personal way. The opening and endings sequences are breathtaking....what else should I say for you to believe me ? I won't soon forget this game . Its just so addictive , so flawless , so immersive ...period

Now thanks for reading , guys . Have a nice time playing the games I mentioned (if you didn't already ,of course )

My Top 10 Games of 2010. Part 1

2010 has been a great year for the electronic entertainment industry and games in particular . It was a year dominated by sequels and prequels to previously established , albeit great franchises in gaming such as Halo , Fallout , Mass Effect , Civilization , StarCraft, Assassin's Creed , Fable and so on . Despite of this fact , there was no shortage of new IPs in 2010 such as Alan Wake , Dante's Inferno , Darksiders , Limbo , Super Meat Boy , Amnesia : The Dark Descent . Franchises that use to see releases yearly also weren't quiet this year (Call of Duty , FIFA, NHL, NBA 2K etc.) . Downloadable games saw a very impressive boost in 2010 with such titles as Limbo , Super Meat Boy , Shank ruling the XBLA and PSN download charts .2010 was also a year of breakthroughs in gaming hardware as motion sensing devices such as Move for PS3 and Kinect for Xbox 360 made their way on the market and managed to push forward the concept of interactive entertainment , representing in a way , the future of video games . Among those blockbuster hits , epic sequels , memorable prequels , awesome new IPs , I am going to pick up 10 best games of the past year. And remember , this is just my own opinion . if you're not good with it just show me your's . But avoid offensive commentaries and insults . And one more thing : I am covering only 2 platforms : the X360 and the PC
So here I go:

Number 10


I have never seen such a crazy , action packed , camptivating , fun and sexy slasher in my entire life . Even DMC has something to learn from the umbra witch . The most impressive thing about the game is it combat system . Its fluid , easy to learn , very very fun to watch and use . Levels are liniar , nothings special here . Art design is strong , especially the main character , Bayonetta from which one can easily learn the whole anatomy of a woman . The story is weaker though..but its not a biggie in such kind of games . The most inportant thing about a slasher is the over-the-top , fun and easy combat and bayonetta is filled with it from start to finish .

Number 9

Civilization V

Civ V is by far my favorite turn based strategy game in my recent memory . It is not necessary better than Civ IV . Well, lets say...its on par with it , since it also guarantees you sleepless nights provided by extremely addictive as hell gameplay . The new interface is absolutely masterfull and done to work in the way you need it to work . Its a lot more easier and accessible for veterans of the genre and new players alike . Graphics are pretty , landscapes look realistic , units look real . But the game isn't flawless after all . The AI is average , no religious confessions and the lackluster diplomacy are just some of the issues present in the game . Overall , its a nice package and a amazing strategy game

Number 8

Fallout New Vegas

After Fallout 3 , my favourite game of 2008 , a new Fallout game was obvious to be released . Fallout New Vegas was devoloped by an another studio (Obsidian Entertainment) and it managed to contain a compelling , immersive world full of things to do , quests to complete , locations to visit and so on . Fallout New Vegas definetly has numerous gameplay improvements over Fallout 3 like the expansion of its features , some new ones to come . But , Obsidian's hand laid on this game is visible here . Way too visible . The story isn't just as compelling as in Fallout 3 , the gameplay itself is too familiar and the techical issues can totally ruin your experience . Stiill , Fallout NV is a gorgeous game filled with a massive world waiting to be cracked open and explored .

Number 7


Battlefield Bad Company 2 represents one of the best multiplayer experiences ever to be seen in an FPS game . By nature it is an squad based game with a strong accent on taking objectives . Aside of it being way more realistitc than other online shooter use to be , Bad Company 2 is a one very balanced experience . It has a full array of weapons , gun specializations (aka perks) , vehicles ,gadgets and so on . Away from a stellar multiplayer , there is a singleplayer campaign in the game . I can say its a nice try by DICE to deliver a more epic campaign . They practically nailed it . But anyways, the SP still isn't in the right place . Overall , a great package with a stellar , amazing , breathtaking multiplayer mode and a good SP campaign . Question . What else do you need from a FPS ???

Number 6


As a prequel to the original Halo game , Reach tells the story of an heroic sacrifice that ensured , in a way , the survival of Master Chief during the Fall of Reach . In terms of gameplay , Reach is the culmination the improvemts over the combat system made in the older halo games . And now , as Reach is released , it seems that the combat has finally evolved to become one of the best shooting mechanics seen in an FPS . What else to say ? The story is deep and compelling , music is absolutely outstanding , characters are full of life . We're done with the campaign . The multiplayer : Involves some new features as the loadout system which dramatically change the way you approach a Halo game , some new weapons aside and so on . In rest it's practically the same experience as Halo 3 . Firefight mode finally met its promise as it is now fully customizable . Theater is great as always . Design is slick and cool looking . My personal favorite Halo game . Nuff said here ...

Come back tomorrow when I'll name the rest out of my top 10 list . Stay Tuned !