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Christmas Haul 2012

This thread needs someABRto get things going.

Well Christmas is over, the earth is still recovering from after-effects of Mayan vengeance, South Texas is justnowstarting to get consistently cold (without snow BTW :P), I barely survived this semester with an above 3.0 GPA (almost lost some scholarships), and I made off with a ton of cool stuff. Here are the highlights:


blue/black 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed

travelling case for 3DS

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Movies (all on blu-ray):

the first 6 Star Trek movies

Amazing Spiderman

The Dark Knight Rises

Music albums:

No Doubt - Push and Shove

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon


Bose noise-cancelling headphones

Reef flip-flops w/ bottle opener soles

Jawbone portable wireless speaker

cool-looking clothes

21 pc. socket wrench set

12V tire inflator

12 bottle pack of Shiner Holiday Cheer (Dunkelweissen)

lots of candy

lots of cash

gift cards for GameStop, Amazon, Whataburger, and Subway

and love and cheer from friends and family (I couldn't be more grateful :D)

Now I just need to go see The Hobbit tonight and my year will be complete. I hope everyone else had a good holiday.