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Been playing Tribes Ascend...

This is probably my first PC online shooter experience outside of TF2. What does this former consolite think of it? Eh, it's alright. It's faster than what I'm used to and there's some fun to be had, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of staying power. But since it's free, I can't really complain that much.

Overall, it's a good game given the price, but I think I'll stick with TF2 when it comes to class-based shooting.

This semester is coming to an end...

...And boy this is not gonna to be fun.

In the next 2 weeks, I've got to finish a book for literature and discuss its themes of post-modernism, complete 2 extra-credit online quizes that will hopefully make up for the physics exam I bombed, research for a group presentation on Iceland's volcanos, and still have the time to study for finals.

Summer is around the corner, and with it a much needed break. However, it's expected that things get a whole lot worse before they get better.

On a side note, I beat Journey over the weekend and it was good. If you have a PS3 and are in the mood for something different, I'd recommend picking this one up.

Also, Conan O'Brien in Halo 4. :P

Tornadoes s*ck

Just today my area was hammered by tornadoes and heavy rain.

Here's the extent of the damage in my town.

This was right outside my parents' house, not far from where that news coverage was taken. A trailor came loose in our backyard and knocked a hole in the neighbor's fence. Luckilly, other than that and some flipped over patio furniture, we didn't suffer any other damage.

Halo 4 info leak reaction is dumb

I've heard about the new info on Halo 4 from the recent issue of Game Informer, and frankly the idea that Halo is suddenly going to become Call of Duty is bullcrap. None of us have played the game. We don't know anything else besides what this article gives us, and even then there's not a whole lot of context given. We haven't seen much actual gameplay. I'd say just to wait until there's more info before going this crazy over it. Then again, I live in the same world where some gamers feel the need to take devs to court over game endings. Expect everything I guess. :roll:

Backlog shrinks; multiplat advice

Well I can finally knock Rayan Origins and SSX (in the World Tour mode) off my backlog. I'm almost done with Skyward Sword as well. I'll give my full assessment on that game when I'm done. You know? I think I'll take a stab at game reviews. Rayman would be a good one to start with since the game's qualities are so straightforward. Expect a review in the near future. Also, I've been thinking of how I buy my multiplat games and maybe it's about time I diversify my library. I plan on getting most of my multiplats for the PC from now on (with some exceptions), but for the 360/PS3 ones it's another story. I've hardly used my PS3 since I got it as a gift back in 08 except for exclusives with everything else going to the 360. The thing is, though, unless it's something I get on release, I normally pick up PS3 exclusives and other games during my "summer used game binges", and for some reason PS3 exclusives are pretty pricey even when used and old. I never pay over $20 for a used game. The multiplats, however, are much cheaper. So I was wondering how some of you guys balance out your multiplat games between the 360 and PS3, both used and on release.