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Here, kitty, kitty!

Well I finally made it to level 20 (actually, I just hit 21 before I logged off a few minutes ago) and the first thing I did was go get my cat form. Check it out:


Having the cat form is so much better...shes so much faster than running as her elf or bear forms and the strikes on enemies are quicker too. The beauty is I can hit them from a distance with my spells them clobber them as a cat when they get close. The best part is that I can stealth up onto my enemies and whack them before they even see me coming!

Here's another pic in bear form...she's waiting for her boat:



Here and Imp, there an Imp, everywhere's an Imp!

I decided to give the Burning Crusade a whirl so I downloaded the 10 expansion trial and I love it!! I created two new blood elf and a draenei. I'll start with Aelynia, my blood elf warlock...her she is at level 6:



This is her before her new robes (I love the new robes...this outfit didn't do her justice!): 


This is her with Daguri, her imp:


This is Elaani, my draenei shaman:


C'mon, solidruss, you know you want to give a draenei a spin! ;)


Sea lions, griffons and elves, oh my!

Well, you've seen my elf druid as a bear...well here she ia as a sea lion:


Flying... but this time on a griffon:


Another hippogryph shot:


I totally screwed up this shot but you get the point...that'a me and a guild member standing together...note how our outfits are strangely similiar...

It's a bird, it's a plane...nope, it's a bear!

I figured I'd update my blog while I try to figure out how to get myself out of a pickle I'm in...I'm trapped in a cave with a bunch of thugs and stormscales (lizard type things). So I finally got around to the quest to get my shapeshifting spell...and it took me forever to get it because a spell disappeared from my book and I couldn't get to where I needed to go (seriously, it wasn't there!!). Anyways, here's Laszune as a bear:


And just for fun...her she is on a hippogryph:



WoW, what a game!!

Ah yes, I'm sure you have all been on the edges of your seats, highly anticipating my next blog entry. :P Well, I've been pretty busy lately. More responsibilties at work and I have finally gotten my schooling in order. I had to drop out of my first year sciences but it all turned out better this way. I'm now pursuing water treatment. It's actually a very exciting field and I'm really enjoying my courses so far. I'm taking distance courses (that's how the program is set up) and it's going really well. And I got a new laptop! Other than the occasional bug with Vista it rocks...and I have a nVidia GForce 7600 graphics card in it. Put that with 2GB (I can expand it to 4) of RAM and a Centrino Duo processor and it runs pretty darn good! Oh, and if you ever have the option of going widescreen...take it!! I love my widescreen...I don't know how I got this far without one!

Anyways, now that I'm back in the gaming world my latest venture is, if you haven't guessed from my title, World of Warcraft. I've only been playing for a day and I love it!! I chose a Night Elf Druid for my first character...and coveniently enough for me, I'm on the same server as I can call for help when I need it! :P Oh, and being the gentleman that solid is, he'll come to help! :D

This is my character, Laszune, at level 4:


Laszune at Level 6:


And this is Laszune at level 6 doing battle with an owl:


I have about 5 or 6 quests on the go right now. I just like to accept them all and knock them off bit by bit as I go along!

Oh, and FYI...WoW doesn't like it when Vista downloads updates (at the same time that Blizzard is downloading patches) during gameplay...had a tad bit of lag happening. Guess that's what happen when I disable full screen warnings...I get lag and I don't know why until I log out!!



She is so much fun, I can't tell you how happy this dog is! Her tail is always wagging, she's inquisitive and just loves being around people. I can't tell you how much she's brought to my life!

So now on to the house (and yes, the black blob is my quick attempt to blot out my address!):

Now you may have noticed that I have strange patio lanterns...let's take a closer look, shall we:

You betcha, those are tacky patio lanterns in the shapes of drinks...and I love them! Good on WalMart for those ones!

The yard needs a lot of work since the people before us really let it go downhill but its come around nicely since I took these photos. Fronky:

What's a Fronky you ask? Well, there's a story behind this one. My roommate's friend broke into and stole it from his towns' dump and gave it to us for our lawn. It's so ugly it's cute! We can't tell if it's a frog or a donky...hence he has been given the name Fronky.

And for an idea of my yard/neighbourhood, here's Domino watching a neighbour:

And just a side note, yes, we are ripping down that horrible fence. It's chicken wire. Yup, I said chicken wire. It's tacky and the landlord was choked when he saw that the previous tenants put that up. So it's getting ripped down and new fencing put up in the near future!


So there you have it, my puppy and my house! I will get around to putting up some pics of the inside later on (this house rocks!). Thanks for tuning in and I'll catch ya on the forums!

Finally settled!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've spent some time on this site!  Between summer classes, a new job and moving, I don't have much spare time.  I'm finally settled into the new house and it rocks!  I'll post some pics soon along with pics of my new puppy!  She's sooooo cute.  I named her Domino and she's just a sweetheart! 

Other than that I'm not up to much...still plugging away at Daxter and I've picked up DMC3 again.  Good times!  I can't emphasize enough how much fun Daxter is...if you have a PSP get it!

Cheers and I'll be updating yáll soon!

Game On!

I'm still enjoying my PSP. You have no idea how much I'm enjoying this system. And I actually do utilize all the features...I have mp3s on my memory stick and I have some umd movies aside from my games.

Speaking of games, I'm initiating my second PSP game.

I finally got my hands on Tokobot a couple of days ago. That game is hard to find around here! It really is a cute and charming platform and I highly recommend it. It's very endearing, cute music, and the gameplay is actually quite simple and easy to learn. The controls are very well laid out...well, I think so. At some points the graphics seem to be lacking a little but that's outweighed by gameplay so it's pretty irrelevent. It's kind of cool how you have this group of prehistoric robots that help you as you play through to discover more about them.

Not much else is new. I'm playing around in photoshop again as my new banner indicates. I LOVE Miami Ink!! I whipped up that banner, a sig for another forum and a desktop wallpaper...why stop when you're on a roll.

One day...I will have ink done by Ami.



Guess Who's Back!

I know you all missed me!  :P

First of all I'd like to say congrats to my buds solidruss and LOEAnubis for being chosen as GameSpot mods.  I know you guys will do a fantastic job and the community will be that much better with you two on the team.

Taking a bit of time away from the computer really helped.  I spent a lot of time with my friends.  They helped me remember that life is wonderful and my time with Molly will never be forgotten.

New Year's was actually a lot of fun.  My friend had a small party at her house (about 7 people I think).  It got my mind off of things and I had a great time.  I was also introduced to someone that I've since gone on a couple of dates with.  He's absolutely fantastic and fingers crossed that things work out.

University started on Monday and holy moly I'm really busy already!  It didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things though.  I can already tell that I'm going to have a bit of a struggle with physics so I'm going to take advantage of the free tutoring sessions the university offers.  I have been plugging away doing work that hasn't been assigned yet because I refuse to get anything but As this time around.

In other news, I've signed up for floor hockey today.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I've been doing really well with the weight loss thing (I've lost about 40lbs over the past year) and now I need to get on the excersise train.  I'm signing up with three other friends so it ought to be a lot of fun.

Game PSP rocks!  Even if you're not into shooting games all that much I highly recommend SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo.  One day I'll get off my bum and write some reviews!

Death Never Breaks the Bond of Love

My dog's recovery was not meant to be...I had to put her to sleep yesterday.  It was the most heart wrenching decision I have ever had to make, but I couldn't bear her to suffer any longer than she already had.

I got her in for an emergency ultrasound yesterday afternoon because she had stopped eating again.  The vet also found red fluid in her abdomen.  I was there when they did the ultrasound and I saw it...her liver was covered in cancer.  So much so that it had spread to the spleen and was causing it to swell tremendously.  The cancer was so abundant that there was nothing that could be done for her.

I stayed with her the whole time and before she went she put her paw on my hand and licked my face.  I know she was telling me that she loves me too.

Molly was there for me through the ups and downs of my life over the past six years.   She has been and always will be my best friend.  I am so thankful for the time I had with her and while she'll be sorely missed I will treasure my memories.

So...I'll be off and on for the next while.  I don't post a whole lot as it is but I need some time to kind of get myself together.  Molly was not a pet to me...she was my baby, my friend with fuzzy paws and a tail that never stopped wagging.

R.I.P. Molly.