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FFVII AC Complete

Im not sure on the exact release date of this but it looks pretty sweet. I hear it supposed to have an additional hours worth of cutscenes added to it. If you dont already know about it its being released on Blu-ray and basically you could call it a release of advent children with extra scenes and its going to be presented in high defintion.

All of this talk about this makes me want to stab someone with a masamune lol. In more serious talk I have thought about buying a masamune I want to get a replica of Sephiroths sword. 68 INCHES LONG! O YEAH! I dont know why Im bragging about a sword I dont even own hmmmm sometimes I wonder..............

Anyways thats all I got for now. so thanks for stopping by on my page and for reading this. Peaceout.

-Nick - Thurs. March 8th 2007. -

Final Fantasy XII

Play it. Its a pretty good I got the collectors edition the day it came out and so far Im satisfied. In some ways its better then some FFs (Like how the artwork in the game and the detailed enviroments) but the down side (the characters are ok but none of them are particulary interesting) Overall though so far the story is pretty good and the battle system is O.K. (though I prefer the old setup more still) Regardless its still an excellent game no other FF has offered such a huge detailed world filled with different races (Humes, Vieras, and so on....) So Play it and you'll be glad you did.

FFX-2 Is where Im at...

Well if the last blog about yuna and rikku heheheheheheh didnt let ya know Im playing FFX-2 now. I purchased it not very Long ago and Ive beaten FFX so thats about all I have to tell man I need to get to playin some Xenosaga so I can finish up those games. Ok this is Fiku Signing off. I think I'll Be able to start my own foroumn around here soon. I'll make sure w/e it is It'll be original for sure (most likely at least)

-Ryosin Grandmaster Betosai

FF7: Advent Children

it is awesome and I suggest getting the special editition for all the extra stuff included like sneak peaks of upcoming FF7 games deleted scenes so if you havent picked it up yet you should do so now! One Winged Angel Rocks! heeheheheheheh