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Goodbye GameSpot and welcome GiantBomb

Today I finally wrote my 200th review here on GameSpot. Now it's time to move on and I shall only write reviews to GiantBomb. You can see them increasing here.

However I shall visit here in the future as well, since I will keep updating my game collection.

Gears of War 2 Update #2

On January 21 st 2009 the second update for Gears of War 2 finally arrived and it's already showing its power. Today I played for about 4 hours and didn't encounter any glitchers or cheaters, but one and only one quitter.

I was already getting so pissed because of all the issues in multiplayer, but now I can again enjoy the game and also collect new achievements.

I love Gears of War 2, again.:oops:

Waiting for Gears of War 2

On October 31st mailman brought be Gears of War -novel Aspho Fields written by Karen Traviss. it has basically 2 different stories: one focuses on a mission that takes place right after the end of the first gears game, but before the second game. The other story is told through long flashbacks and tells how Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago joined the army and fought a battle in Aspho Fields in order to claim possession for the Hammer of Dawn. This was in Pendulum Wars and before Locust's Emergence Day. Book contains 350 pages so I'm in a little hurry to read it before Friday 7th 2008.

Actual game Gears of War 2 has received so great reviews that I just can't wait three days... I have already cleared my schedule from all other activities other than gaming.

"Let's do this..."8)

Mega Man 9 is awesome

I can't remember the time when I would have been more anxious in waiting for a Live Arcade game than how I was while waiting for Mega Man 9. It represents everything that was great in 8-bit gaming and in my opinion Mega Man 2 for the NES is the best game ever made. Well... that and Metroid Prime I mean.

I've now played Mega Man 9 for about 2 hours and NOW I'm finally starting to get a hang of things. This game is difficult, but that's how games were back in the 8-bit era.

Everything is classic: music, graphics, level design, story and gameplay. It's great. I will produce a review in time.

Golden Cross in Call of Duty 4!!!

After 400 hours of intense gameplay I finally managed to reach Prestige Level 10 in Call of Duty 4.

It took LOTS of blood, sweat and tears to achieve this milestone in gaming. Well... mostly sweat and tears.

In the last two and a half weeks have been near Hell since I've played Headquarters about 6-12 hours each day of the week. My muscles are aching and social life has become crippled.

Now... I think I need a vacation and a drink.:P