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To anybody that happens to care:

I have already posted 179 reviews on GameSpot. I think I just realized how many games that is. I started this review streak about 2 years ago, when I was trying to find reviews on a game and didn't find a single good one. I didn't want to see what the game's ending was, I didn't want to just see multiple rundowns on the game's controls and features. I could find that on any professional review site. I didn't need some moron who couldn't spell or punctuate to tell me how a game works.

So that led me to start my reviews. Every game I played from then on, I reviewed, whether or not I liked the game. I try to accomplish three things with each review:

1. I want the reader to leave with a basic understanding of how the game works. Basically a summary of what you can read on any professional review. Because a review is not a review if it is just one giant opinion. Which leads me to the next aspect.

2. I want the reader to hear my opinion. This is definitely good for RPG-lovers, because they probably have the same interests as me in a video game. It's also good for anybody who loves sports games. Those two genres are the biggest chunks of all the games I review.

3. I want the reader to laugh. I try to interject humor into all my reviews, because...well, frankly, if anybody is reading one of my reviews, they probably aren't looking for a professional, just-tell-me-what-the-game-does review. You can find those right above my reviews on this site.

Also, while I try my best to beat every game I play, some just suck too much. Some people have complained because they don't think I put too much time into a game. So for further reviews, just trust me. If I didn't take the time to beat it, it's definitely not worth it. I hate to quit a game just as much as I hate to stop reading a book in the middle.

Finally, thanks to all of the users on GameSpot that have tracked my reviews. Every time I receive one of those messages alerting me to that, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile.

If you're still reading, thanks for tuning in.

-Ryan "Mickey" McQuillen