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Stop lying Microsoft

Seriously, this is getting rediculious what Microsoft is prepared to do to make people believe they are not at fault for the Xbox 360's poor hardware design. Here is the deal;

Firstly, Microsoft instantly denies they have anything to do with disc scratching and/or freezing of the system. They claimed over the phone the Xbox 360 is perfectly designed so it will not undergo any of those faults. They added it could only happen because of the users fault.

So, there I was, not touching the 360 in any way and not at any time. Yet, they practically acused me of moving it. When I get my new phone I can also show how my 360 is set up. Which is in an open space with allot of ventilation close by due to a roof window which is open 90% of my life. Yet, they practically acuse me of having my console totally locked up. You know that feeling when you know you didn't do something and someone who can't even know if you did it or not acuses you of doing it? You know what I'm talking about. It makes me so angry.

So, after they claimed it wasn't their fault and it was my fault, they agreed to pick it up anyway like I stated in a previous blog post. This tells us, they know perfectly well they are responsable for these faults but they just deny it to maintain the integrety of their company. Fine, being blamed for something you didn't do doesn't matter to me. If they take the fault in actions, I don't care I have to take it in words. But it doesn't end there. Oh no.

Over the phone I was told due to busy scheduels, the repair could take up to a maximum of 15 workdays. Or three regular weeks. That's long by itself, but OK, fine.

Now this happened; I send in my 360 May 29th through UPS. Using the tracking number, I saw UPS delivered (outstandingly) my console to Microsofts repair station on May 30th. Just one day of shipping. I was pleased to see it. I figured it might take them a week or maybe two to fix and then send it back, hopefully in one day as well. However, I now recieved an email from Microsoft in which they state they recieved my console on June 12th (!).

Just what is going on here? The three week repair time will go in on June 12th now instead of May 30th. But according to UPS tracking system, Microsoft already has my console for two weeks now. Yet, they claim they just recieved it and the three weeks will go in now. Which means it could take 5 weeks before I get it back.

Seriously, they are lying. They just don't speed things up and blame UPS. I'm going to give them a call exactly after the three weeks in which they recieved it. So one week from now. If I don't have it back by then, I'll call and demand compensasion because they lied to me. And compensation I will get.