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Project Gotham Racing 4... *silence*

So, it's no secret I disliked the game PGR3. It was a so-so game. Not my type. An arcade racer in the disguise of a simulation racer. No, I didn't really like it. However, that may soon change, as I will be forced to play PGR4. And while playing it, I may alter my opinion about the franchise. Somewhere, I just hope they don't go for the same arcade drifting style like they did with PGR3.

Why am I forced to play PGR4? Because all this nonsense about graphics not mattering is BS in my book. Yes, that's right. I'm the first one to admit it. Graphics do matter. Allot. Not as much as gameplay, I'll give you that. But they do make you enjoy games much more. If you disagree with this you will find out sooner or later that I'm right. A straightforward shooter with nothing special at all, can be one of the greatest games of all times when it has graphics of a new level, never seen before. You know I'm right. And the same is true for racing games.

There is a new video for PGR4 released and you can watch it here.

See how that looks? See what I mean? There has been allot of debate about Forza 2 looking worse then PGR3. This is not true at all. I can tell you, garage car models aside, nothing in PGR3 looks better then in Forza 2. Forza 2 has great graphics. GTHD on the PS3 is just a step beyond it. We'll see how GT5 turns out. However, none of those titels I just mentioned can touch PGR4. If, that is, the footage shown in that video is actual gameplay footage. I assume it is, since it's stating it's a work in progress.

So, yeah. I dislike the PGR franchise. But I will most definitely buy PGR4. If the final product looks like that or better.