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Need for Speed 2007 announced

So, EA announced Need for Speed 2007 (possibly the working title) which is obviously due in 2007. They announced the game by way of a teaser trailer shown on their website. Go to the site and you can watch the teaser instantly. It's on the frontpage.

However, both the teaser and the website itself give a 05-31-2007 date. The website has a countdown for this. What it means? Well, any Need for Speed fan hopes that somewhere that is the actual release date of the game. Offcourse, that is not very likely. Knowing EA, they won't release a product without trying to hype it up first. So what does that date stand for? Most likely a flow of information on the game and perhaps the announcing of the release date. 

The site states they give a 'revolution' to the Need for Speed franchise. From the teaser, it's clear they still stick with the tuner cars. However, it also seems like they might be adding damage to the series. Real damage. So perhaps it's becoming some sort of street racing meets destruction derby? Who knows. We will most likely know in 10 days.

Altough stepping away from the street racing part seems not very smart, the teaser does give some hints to it. There is a crowd and an actual track formed out of tires. Street racers don't set up things like that. So perhaps the series is stepping away from street racing. Which could harm the series badly. It's clear that EA wants to spice up, as well as change, most of their successful franchises. Medal of Honor used to be a scripted game from start to finish. The new installment Medal of Honor Airborne is suppose to give enormous amounts of freedom. Just to name a game. Need for Speed could be next. It could be good, it could be bad. We know too little to judge it at this moment so I'll definitely come with another update once more is known. Possibly 10 days from now. But at the moment, the thought of it leaving street racing is not cool. And I hope they just gave the wrong idea with that teaser.