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Give me my Xbox back already!

It's been a week now. My Xbox 360 has been kidnapped exactly one week ago today by Microsoft to repair it. C'mon, this is such a lame solution. They keep you unable to play for way too long. It can be done much faster. Send me a new Xbox first and when you bring that I'll give you my broken one. I really don't see what could go wrong. They have all my personal information from previous repairs and such. If I was lying they can just fine me for lying.

It's not that hard to make it a little easier on the customer you know. I paid big bucks for that machine. And they give me one that keeps breaking down to no fault of my own? This sucks. It's like being robbed while you're in the house. And no idea when it will happen.

Worst part is, I now have 4 - yes that's right - four copies of Gears of War. Why? The game is awesome and I want to play it. Why do I need four copies? Because my Xbox destroyed the first three copies. I send it in for repair, they so called 'repair' it and another copy of Gears is annihilated again. Repair again, destroyed again. Seriously, I recieve no compensation for this either.

I hereby announce the Xbox 360 the worst console ever created. It not only breaks down continuesly, it also destroys game after game (in my instance) until you're out of money. It's like inviting a hungry Hanibal Lector to you're home for a sleep over. It's definitely not worth it anymore to own an Xbox 360 (for me at least). I'm not at the point that I pay around 100 euro's per game (since I need multiple copies for some) and not to mention emptying my pockets to play online. Which should be free in the first place since it's nothing special.

Live in the US, sure, that's somewhat special I guess. Here in Europe? I'll break it down for you. We have 10% of all the gamerpictures and themes. The remaining 90% is not available for us. We have games like Texas Hold 'Em and Aegis Wing. Free? No. Only in the US. We must empty our pockets for it. We have no video marketplace. We get 20% of the demo's later. And stuff like that.

Wow, what a great online service that is. Seriously, it's starting to piss me off that Microsoft charges for every little bit of content. Picture packs; I don't even understand why they cost money. It's so weird. We already pay for using Live and we must also pay on top of that for little tiny little things like a picture in our gamercard? Seriously, it makes no sense. It's a complete rip-off in my book.

It's like they want their investment in the Xbox 360 back within a year. That money hungry. And it's a shame people buy that worthless crap too. Now we can expect more milkage next generation. 

I have (in comparison) the most expensive console with the most expensive features and add ons costing me a fortune in total. And this machine also is the most unrealiable and destroys my property every now and then. And you can really tell me you don't see anything wrong with that? Seriously, Microsoft is starting to piss me off. I really hope that next generation Sony has the most games I want to play so I won't have to deal with this anymore.