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Stop lying Microsoft

Seriously, this is getting rediculious what Microsoft is prepared to do to make people believe they are not at fault for the Xbox 360's poor hardware design. Here is the deal;

Firstly, Microsoft instantly denies they have anything to do with disc scratching and/or freezing of the system. They claimed over the phone the Xbox 360 is perfectly designed so it will not undergo any of those faults. They added it could only happen because of the users fault.

So, there I was, not touching the 360 in any way and not at any time. Yet, they practically acused me of moving it. When I get my new phone I can also show how my 360 is set up. Which is in an open space with allot of ventilation close by due to a roof window which is open 90% of my life. Yet, they practically acuse me of having my console totally locked up. You know that feeling when you know you didn't do something and someone who can't even know if you did it or not acuses you of doing it? You know what I'm talking about. It makes me so angry.

So, after they claimed it wasn't their fault and it was my fault, they agreed to pick it up anyway like I stated in a previous blog post. This tells us, they know perfectly well they are responsable for these faults but they just deny it to maintain the integrety of their company. Fine, being blamed for something you didn't do doesn't matter to me. If they take the fault in actions, I don't care I have to take it in words. But it doesn't end there. Oh no.

Over the phone I was told due to busy scheduels, the repair could take up to a maximum of 15 workdays. Or three regular weeks. That's long by itself, but OK, fine.

Now this happened; I send in my 360 May 29th through UPS. Using the tracking number, I saw UPS delivered (outstandingly) my console to Microsofts repair station on May 30th. Just one day of shipping. I was pleased to see it. I figured it might take them a week or maybe two to fix and then send it back, hopefully in one day as well. However, I now recieved an email from Microsoft in which they state they recieved my console on June 12th (!).

Just what is going on here? The three week repair time will go in on June 12th now instead of May 30th. But according to UPS tracking system, Microsoft already has my console for two weeks now. Yet, they claim they just recieved it and the three weeks will go in now. Which means it could take 5 weeks before I get it back.

Seriously, they are lying. They just don't speed things up and blame UPS. I'm going to give them a call exactly after the three weeks in which they recieved it. So one week from now. If I don't have it back by then, I'll call and demand compensasion because they lied to me. And compensation I will get.

Give me my Xbox back already!

It's been a week now. My Xbox 360 has been kidnapped exactly one week ago today by Microsoft to repair it. C'mon, this is such a lame solution. They keep you unable to play for way too long. It can be done much faster. Send me a new Xbox first and when you bring that I'll give you my broken one. I really don't see what could go wrong. They have all my personal information from previous repairs and such. If I was lying they can just fine me for lying.

It's not that hard to make it a little easier on the customer you know. I paid big bucks for that machine. And they give me one that keeps breaking down to no fault of my own? This sucks. It's like being robbed while you're in the house. And no idea when it will happen.

Worst part is, I now have 4 - yes that's right - four copies of Gears of War. Why? The game is awesome and I want to play it. Why do I need four copies? Because my Xbox destroyed the first three copies. I send it in for repair, they so called 'repair' it and another copy of Gears is annihilated again. Repair again, destroyed again. Seriously, I recieve no compensation for this either.

I hereby announce the Xbox 360 the worst console ever created. It not only breaks down continuesly, it also destroys game after game (in my instance) until you're out of money. It's like inviting a hungry Hanibal Lector to you're home for a sleep over. It's definitely not worth it anymore to own an Xbox 360 (for me at least). I'm not at the point that I pay around 100 euro's per game (since I need multiple copies for some) and not to mention emptying my pockets to play online. Which should be free in the first place since it's nothing special.

Live in the US, sure, that's somewhat special I guess. Here in Europe? I'll break it down for you. We have 10% of all the gamerpictures and themes. The remaining 90% is not available for us. We have games like Texas Hold 'Em and Aegis Wing. Free? No. Only in the US. We must empty our pockets for it. We have no video marketplace. We get 20% of the demo's later. And stuff like that.

Wow, what a great online service that is. Seriously, it's starting to piss me off that Microsoft charges for every little bit of content. Picture packs; I don't even understand why they cost money. It's so weird. We already pay for using Live and we must also pay on top of that for little tiny little things like a picture in our gamercard? Seriously, it makes no sense. It's a complete rip-off in my book.

It's like they want their investment in the Xbox 360 back within a year. That money hungry. And it's a shame people buy that worthless crap too. Now we can expect more milkage next generation. 

I have (in comparison) the most expensive console with the most expensive features and add ons costing me a fortune in total. And this machine also is the most unrealiable and destroys my property every now and then. And you can really tell me you don't see anything wrong with that? Seriously, Microsoft is starting to piss me off. I really hope that next generation Sony has the most games I want to play so I won't have to deal with this anymore. 

Joey is awesome

So I just re-watched a Friends episode and Joey is just so awesome. Get this; Monica and Chandler were buying a house and moving and Joey was upset about it. So after he say the house and talked to a little girl who currently lives there this conversation occured:

Joey: Hey, I'll tell you what. This house is perfect.
Chandler: Really? What made you change you're mind?
Joey: Well, you know the little girl who lives here? She made me feel allot better about it.
Chandler: Joey... there was a little girl who lived here but she died like 30 years ago.


How funny is that stuff? Man, it just never gets old how that guy reacts to other characters. Seriously the most amusing comedy actor I've ever seen. His expressions are just so good. It's so funny. 

Need for Speed 2007 announced

So, EA announced Need for Speed 2007 (possibly the working title) which is obviously due in 2007. They announced the game by way of a teaser trailer shown on their website. Go to the site and you can watch the teaser instantly. It's on the frontpage.

However, both the teaser and the website itself give a 05-31-2007 date. The website has a countdown for this. What it means? Well, any Need for Speed fan hopes that somewhere that is the actual release date of the game. Offcourse, that is not very likely. Knowing EA, they won't release a product without trying to hype it up first. So what does that date stand for? Most likely a flow of information on the game and perhaps the announcing of the release date. 

The site states they give a 'revolution' to the Need for Speed franchise. From the teaser, it's clear they still stick with the tuner cars. However, it also seems like they might be adding damage to the series. Real damage. So perhaps it's becoming some sort of street racing meets destruction derby? Who knows. We will most likely know in 10 days.

Altough stepping away from the street racing part seems not very smart, the teaser does give some hints to it. There is a crowd and an actual track formed out of tires. Street racers don't set up things like that. So perhaps the series is stepping away from street racing. Which could harm the series badly. It's clear that EA wants to spice up, as well as change, most of their successful franchises. Medal of Honor used to be a scripted game from start to finish. The new installment Medal of Honor Airborne is suppose to give enormous amounts of freedom. Just to name a game. Need for Speed could be next. It could be good, it could be bad. We know too little to judge it at this moment so I'll definitely come with another update once more is known. Possibly 10 days from now. But at the moment, the thought of it leaving street racing is not cool. And I hope they just gave the wrong idea with that teaser.

The Chronicles of Riddick Remake in the works.

In the latest issue of Game Informer, there is a article about an apperent remake of The Chronicles of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay; the, in the consumers eyes, one of the greatest games released last generation for the Xbox.

The remake of Riddick is set to arrive on Xbox 360 as well as Playstation 3 by end of 2007. Apperently, there was allot of talk why Riddick didn't appear on the BC list for Xbox 360, since it was one of it's greatest appreciated games. Tigon Games, stated they were evolving the game to be enjoyed as it should this generation. This was said a long time ago, so why no one ever believed a remake would be on the way, I don't know.

So, the remake of Riddick is set for end this year. A sidenote for those who don't know, Tigon Games was definitely active in the development of Riddick, although many seem not to recognize it. Tigon Games is the game studio set up and owned by none other then Vin Diesel himself.

Other games Tigon has in the works are The Wheel Man for Xbox 360 and PS3, staring Vin Diesel as main character (trailer can be downloaded on the Xbox 360 marketplace) set for 2007. As well as Secret Service in which you play an secret agent send to protect the president of the US. It's not known yet who will be the main character, but it could as well be Vin Diesel again. This title is TBA.

Project Gotham Racing 4... *silence*

So, it's no secret I disliked the game PGR3. It was a so-so game. Not my type. An arcade racer in the disguise of a simulation racer. No, I didn't really like it. However, that may soon change, as I will be forced to play PGR4. And while playing it, I may alter my opinion about the franchise. Somewhere, I just hope they don't go for the same arcade drifting style like they did with PGR3.

Why am I forced to play PGR4? Because all this nonsense about graphics not mattering is BS in my book. Yes, that's right. I'm the first one to admit it. Graphics do matter. Allot. Not as much as gameplay, I'll give you that. But they do make you enjoy games much more. If you disagree with this you will find out sooner or later that I'm right. A straightforward shooter with nothing special at all, can be one of the greatest games of all times when it has graphics of a new level, never seen before. You know I'm right. And the same is true for racing games.

There is a new video for PGR4 released and you can watch it here.

See how that looks? See what I mean? There has been allot of debate about Forza 2 looking worse then PGR3. This is not true at all. I can tell you, garage car models aside, nothing in PGR3 looks better then in Forza 2. Forza 2 has great graphics. GTHD on the PS3 is just a step beyond it. We'll see how GT5 turns out. However, none of those titels I just mentioned can touch PGR4. If, that is, the footage shown in that video is actual gameplay footage. I assume it is, since it's stating it's a work in progress.

So, yeah. I dislike the PGR franchise. But I will most definitely buy PGR4. If the final product looks like that or better.

Burnout Paradise announced

EA announced that the working title 'Burnout 5' will infact be titled Burnout Paradise. Like we knew before, it features an open city for you to free roam in. We still don't know allot on the game. They added with the announcement there will be big surprises in store for us, but they didn't say what they were. They did say that the core gameplay will be pure Burnout. So that's a good thing.

With the announcement EA released a teaser. You can watch it here.

Burnout Paradise will be published by EA Games and once again developed by Criterion Games. It is scheduled for release Winter of 2007.