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Fate_Lifeline Blog

Today is a glorious day.

Thanks to either a massive glitch or sheer benevolence from the admins, many have returned to grace the festering sore know as Gamespot.  I am one of them, making this a new Fate again, v3.0 if you will.

Introducing the new and mellower Fate.

Given the fact that I have not gone 3 days without getting banned for the past two months, mostly for things I don't think are TOS violations until after the fact, I'm changing the way I post. No more flaming, no more a-holeism, no more responding with a :|, no more jokes that are funny to everyone but the snitches. That being said, I won't really be myself anymore, but I really don't feel like taking another vacation. Some of you are probably disapointed, more are probably happy, the majority probably don't care. I'm playing it safe from now on.