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Fallen-Emanuel Blog

Top ten games ATM (5/11/07)

1. Kingdom Hearts 2

2.Shadow Hearts : Covenant

3.Final Fantasy 8

4.Devil May Cry 3

5.Final Fantasy 7

6.Kingdom Hearts 1

7.Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time

8.Super Smash Brothers: Meelee

9.Final Fantasy 9

10.Star Ocean 3

About me.

what i posted as my introduction:

"Hi i'm Fallen Emanuel. my actual name is Emanuel by the way. I am turning 18 this Tuesday, yeah i know. i am a pretty sad person, i can laugh once in a while but i am really stuck in the past some people call it the peter pan syndrome, i don't want to grow up any more, so you can imagine how bad this birthday is going to be. I'm not going to lie to you just for acceptance, I am emo and proud of it, if you have anything against it, we can talk about it, i like to respect the views of others and i hope people do the same for me. I only like those who like me and only hate those who hate me, simple as that. i'm not very self confident but a little vain i can spend up to 2 hours on my hair every morning, and i enjoy every minute of it. i can sometimes be an ass but not very often, i like to think of myself as humble even though saying it totally contradicts it. i don't lean to either good or bad, if there is a between, i am there, i try to always see the reason in thing and evidence is very important to me. i keep questioning things whether good or bad. I am straightedge so my hobbies don't include drinking alcohol, but i have nothing against it. I am lactose intolerant but love milk out of my skull, tea is always nice. i am into anime, comedy and horror movies. i'm not very big on my family, me and my dad have a mutual hate and me and my mother have mutual love, i am indifferent to my siblings. i like reading Stephan king and playing RPGs. at the moment i am doing an art course in England an d next year i should be going to uni. i am a very good student i would say even though my art has been going downhill a bit.

you cab see my picture in this link:"

Some more about me:

Music is something i am really into i like the stuff you would expect someone like me to listen to, that sceamo music you can hear through someoneele's headphones. i am fond of this music and i hate it when people insult it, especially Indie people. i can be a bit of a snob, but not often, even though i have my own Fan girl Hotmail address (i had no choice but to make one, these people kept annoying my by chatting while i was talking to my friends). I am the kind of person who wouldn't hurt a fly, that is unless the fly annoys me, if you know what i mean. My favourite anime is death note if you haven't noticed yet, and my favourite movie ever is the shining. As for my favourite band, i don't have one, i can't decide between Drop Dead Gorgeous or Family Force 5 even though they are extremely different.

Contact me: (i am never online)