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Where did i go wrong?

Back in 8th grade I was pretty popular, I had a really great group of friends that I felt comfortable with and would have alot of fun with. I had three girlfriends in that one year alone. I then swtiched school districts so I had to meet new people, and three years later I dont have a "group" and I rarely go out with friends at all. I have had one girlfriend my whole time in highschool and that didnt last more than one or two months :(. Plus i lost contact with my all my old friends in middle school... Even my best friend thats a girl doesnt hang out with me that often, she has another group of friends that im not part of and she hangs out with them ALL the freaking time. So basically im a loser.

sorry for being "emo" but im pretty depressed right now...

Alot like love

just saw this movie and i have to say it was awsome. aston kutcher and amada peet were really good together, and i just thought the movie had a really good feel/vibe to it.

oh yes, the green day video for "wake me up when september ends" is reall, really, powerful. i think its definately worth a watch, you can see it here : http://www.wopvideos.com/musicvideos/en.1948.htm

also, as you may have noticed, shakira is freaking hot, and her (spanish) music owns. her stuff in english isnt that good though....


I love nrksaint

do you?

anyway, the latest s*** is norwegian hip/hop. download "wiggle it" by paperboys, i garuantee you wont be dissapointed

looks suspisciously around....

hehe i wanna see whos stalking me:twisted:. so please post here if you looked at this message :P

that being said, i guess this is my first entry, so i probably should write some stuff. lets see..... i saw wedding crahsers last night, it was F***ING HILARIOUS! i went in thinking it was gonna suck, but it was probably one of the funniest movies i have seen in the last couple of years.

hmm... i guess thats it so peace out till next time....:)