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hopes for 2006...

I just read a disturbing article about censorship at E3 this year.... and I'm very disapointed.  They are coming down on the booth babes that we all love so dear.  I have hope though... those developers, the reps, the fellow videogamers that put those booths together... they're like you and me.... and they WILL... THEY WILL have video game hotties... i just know it.  I hope nothing prevents me from going to E3 this year... and I hope to see some amazing things.  The XBOX 360 blew my mind when i was there last... and now.. it's blowing my mind at home.  I hope my buddies at Square set up another great section just for FFXI.. and I hope it'll be on XBOX 360!  By the time the expo is taking place... FFXI for XBOX 360 should be GOLD, and everyone enjoying it for a price hahahah.   I hope we'll get some hands on time w/ the revolution especially.  Only thing is with that... i don't think they have a wired feature.. i'm sure they can rig it that way.. but bah... who wants to play the revolution that way right?  I also hope to get some handson time w/ the PS3! How awesome would that be right?  Last year I actually brought my PSP inside w/ me... trying out its wi-fi features w/ the PS3 would be a definite plus.  After that... I only hope the house I'm living in, is filled w/ the technology toys that i love oh so much.