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Advertising in MMORPGs?

Ok, so I just read an article about the Qeues in WoW.  The lady who wrote the article began with pointing out Advertisements in Sports games, and how she used to think it would be so cool, and make it more realistic.  She mentioned Burger King walk in the ring in FN3... i thought that was totally awesome at the time, but I too have an inner desire to avenge the deaths of many of my paychecks to the evil corporate marketing mind controllers!  Then somehow she poorly segued to her actual story about WoW and their crappy servers.  She claims she escapes from all the advertisements into Fantasy games like WoW, where they are immune from the Burger King. I for one, don't play WoW.. so I don't care.  But I do play FFXI, and I do care about all video games and their general improvements.... and well.... would it be so bad if an MMORPG could advertise?  Fees could be cheaper, and companies can put more money into giant, faster servers.  Perhaps if they did it subtly.... I'm almost certain they could propose an Event based in-game advertisement campaign to Hershey's or even Alienware, Dell, IBM... heck.. maybe even gamespot.com!  But who would decide how the money is speant... the rich guys will only get richer, it's not like even 40% of the revenue earned from sponsors would be used to improve OUR experience.  Bah.. just wishful thinking I guess.