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Advertising in MMORPGs?

Ok, so I just read an article about the Qeues in WoW.  The lady who wrote the article began with pointing out Advertisements in Sports games, and how she used to think it would be so cool, and make it more realistic.  She mentioned Burger King walk in the ring in FN3... i thought that was totally awesome at the time, but I too have an inner desire to avenge the deaths of many of my paychecks to the evil corporate marketing mind controllers!  Then somehow she poorly segued to her actual story about WoW and their crappy servers.  She claims she escapes from all the advertisements into Fantasy games like WoW, where they are immune from the Burger King. I for one, don't play WoW.. so I don't care.  But I do play FFXI, and I do care about all video games and their general improvements.... and well.... would it be so bad if an MMORPG could advertise?  Fees could be cheaper, and companies can put more money into giant, faster servers.  Perhaps if they did it subtly.... I'm almost certain they could propose an Event based in-game advertisement campaign to Hershey's or even Alienware, Dell, IBM... heck.. maybe even gamespot.com!  But who would decide how the money is speant... the rich guys will only get richer, it's not like even 40% of the revenue earned from sponsors would be used to improve OUR experience.  Bah.. just wishful thinking I guess.


hopes for 2006...

I just read a disturbing article about censorship at E3 this year.... and I'm very disapointed.  They are coming down on the booth babes that we all love so dear.  I have hope though... those developers, the reps, the fellow videogamers that put those booths together... they're like you and me.... and they WILL... THEY WILL have video game hotties... i just know it.  I hope nothing prevents me from going to E3 this year... and I hope to see some amazing things.  The XBOX 360 blew my mind when i was there last... and now.. it's blowing my mind at home.  I hope my buddies at Square set up another great section just for FFXI.. and I hope it'll be on XBOX 360!  By the time the expo is taking place... FFXI for XBOX 360 should be GOLD, and everyone enjoying it for a price hahahah.   I hope we'll get some hands on time w/ the revolution especially.  Only thing is with that... i don't think they have a wired feature.. i'm sure they can rig it that way.. but bah... who wants to play the revolution that way right?  I also hope to get some handson time w/ the PS3! How awesome would that be right?  Last year I actually brought my PSP inside w/ me... trying out its wi-fi features w/ the PS3 would be a definite plus.  After that... I only hope the house I'm living in, is filled w/ the technology toys that i love oh so much.

Ode to DVR

Digita Video Recorder.... thank you. Life is better with you. Life moves on with you. It's because of you, oh sweet DVR, that I can emerse myself into the many fictional worlds of primetime television.


Do you know what it's like to be surrounded by gamers? Day after day, in the company of extraordinary people that understand 5 important words - "The object of the game."

People that understand, you gotta beat the game. You gotta keep going to the right. You can't fall. You can't die. You gotta get that. You gotta avoid those. You gotta save the princess. You gotta defeat the boss. You gotta find out what happens at the end. You gotta read the credits at the end.

One of my goals in life was to be in the credits of a game I like. Mission accomplished!

I never wanted to leave Square-Enix, and wish I didn't have to. But... what's done is done.