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The new version of GS wont allow officers and leaders to kick out trolls, as it wont allow officers and leaders at all. The forums and all we have done to create it wont be ours anymore sad.gif  

Because of this a lot of unions are looking for a new home.

I highly sugest making the Unions you love live on on THIS site. This way the places you love will live on, and you can still hang with the friends you've made.

Here are several Unions that have already made the change:





Here are the details::

A core communication tool for your guild siteDeeply integrated with permissions, ranks, activities and more

Easy to use BBcode editor for writing postsCompletely customizable structure with sections and subforums


Hold private discussions with members of your guild Send mass messages to everyone from a certain group or rank

Message alliance members across different guilds Easy notifications for new messages in your user status bar


Chat with your guildmates just as you do in-game Web Socket enabled for instant chattingSupports emotes and other slash commands

Color-coded channels for nice, game-like display


Poll your guildmates on the topics that interest you Restrict polls with different view levels for sensitive topicsSupport for voting publicly and privately. Embed polls within forums to enable discussions

Guild News Keep your members up-to-date on your guild's latest exploits

Deeply integrated with permissions, comments and more Delegate select officers to post through permissions

Atom feeds for easy syndication

Journals Allow your members to post character stories on your site Deeply integrated with permissions, comments and moreGreat for roleplay guilds!

Media Galleries

Share your in-game footage with image and video galleries!

Easy video integration with Youtube Comment and discuss your favorites

Showcase new media through slideshows, side blocks and activities

ApplicationsEasily customize the form applicants fill out

Review and accept the best applicants Comment and discuss applicants with your officers

Optionally allow applicants to view and comment on their own app

Alliances Form alliances with other guilds using Shivtr

Share features across your sites including events, forums and more!See whose online across all allied sites

Allied permissions allows to control what allies do on your site

Activity Feeds Two types of activity feeds available: site and guild Site activities let you easily see new content added to your siteGuild activities let you easily keep up with in-game changes

Mobile Version Optimized views created specifically for mobile devices

Simplified, touch screen actions menu at the bottom of each page

The option to switch between the mobile and web client at any time

Endless Pagination, allowing you to scroll to load more items


For advanced users/developers, Shivtr includes a REST API Access XML and JSON views of (nearly) all data on your site Login and perform (nearly) any action directly through our API

Admin Panel

Our Site Admin panel gives you easy access to all your global settings Changing your game, server, timezone and other options is a breeze 

Set metadata to control how your site appears in search engines
Audit LogThe Audit Log tracks (almost) every action on your site Review logs to see who created, modified or deleted specific contentSomething accidentally deleted?

The audit log makes recovery easy-mode


The most advanced permissions system you'll find anywhere!Choose who can view, use and admin every aspect of your site

Organize permissions into roles to hand out to your membersAssign permission roles to ranks to mimic your in-game guild structure Permissions

Races & Classes Customizable races & classes put you in control 

Choose from preset options for many games or design your own

Create that goblin only guild you always wanted!Deeply integrated - the options you set are used throughout your site

Domain Names

Freedom to choose any URL you wish for your siteChange your URL anytime you like from your Site Admin panel

Select any .shivtr.com subdomain that is available... or use any full domain name you own


Select from a large variety of official, pre-made themes. Create your own design with our easy-to-use theme editor

Browse the hundreds of themes created by our awesome community Dress up your site for Halloween and other holidays!  Theme Editor Craft your own theme with our full-featured theme editor

Offers everything you need to make an amazing, unique design Load any official or public theme and change it anyway you like Layout. Our layout tools let you choose the content important to your community Choose from over 70 blocks for your home page and side columns

Select from shoutboxes, slideshows, twitter, ventrilo and more!Easily re-arrange your blocks layout with drag-and-drop

And a whole lot more, but I'm out'a room :)