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MGS Ground Zeroes: What Did I See?

MGS Ground Zeroes: What Did You See? - GS Video

And Here Is What I Found

My Blog contains SPOILERS from many MGS Games:

Riaden was a child soldier, Chico is a child soldier. the shaky cam is at a child's height. 2 possibilities. Does anyone see where I am going with this?!

Also Python a friend of Naked Snake is bald and he does not have the ability to regulate his body temperature. The man in the clip is badly burned and this points to him. Another thing to point out is that he is a member of Fox and the CIA.

Camp omega looks like camp delta (also known as Camp X-ray). They discuss that the base is on communist land and out of US Legal Jurisdiction. This was the reason that Camp X-ray was built far from US soil in the real world.

Before the gate opens at the start of the 15min trailer you can see a sign written in Spanish.

There are at least 2457 prisoners.

The gun in the pre-trailer poster (see end of blog) is an FNC Fabrique Nationale Carabine made in 1975. Another clue associated with the gun is it is made in Belgium, because of the former Belgian Congo Mobutu's régime that radicalized during the 1970s could be used as a template for the Fake Zanzibar Land from the MG game in 1984.

That said it was widely used by NATO, and Indonesia (who now owns the copyright) also.

"Here's to you" is a song released in 1971.

Pas is in Cabo Cruz, the southern most part of Cuba.

"We are soldiers without a country" refers to Outter Heaven.

Pas is working for Zero (Cypher) and Zero is the creator of the patriots. Given that Bis Boss is on an obvious rescue mission I believe that we may, at lest for the first part of the game be working for the Patiots!

In MGS 1 Fox went rogue. We could be seeing a similar thing here, or even the beginning for what is to come.

Mother Base is mentioned from Peace Walker so I think research might be back.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Image