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Looking Forward, Looking Back: 11 years of PS3 and 360 (X1 EDIT)

Trying to fit 11 years of gaming into a little blog is near futile, but here goes.

I brought the 360 a few days after launch because I was told that Mass Effect and GTA4 were going to be exclusive by Microsoft, oh how naive I was. Naturally PS3 had been delayed in Australia (let us hope there is no repeat of that!) but I got it day one.

The lines in Akihabara Japan were miles long and people had camped out overnight to get one.

In the USA on day one, two men ran into a department store in California brandishing machine pistols, the teller fearing for her life was ready to give them all the money, but that was not what they wanted the two men escaped with a shiny new Playstation 3. Dumb sods I hope they got what they deserved.

Anyway Mass Effect was unlike anything I'd ever played before, and I knew instantly that the future was going to be good. Give or take a few popups the graphics were awesome, the story genius, although taken from J. Michael Straczynskis epic, and the game play was unique for an RPG.

Mass Effect Image

Now back then I didn't have the net so I had no idea what was happening when it came: The Red Ring of Death! If your new to gaming this is not a digestive problem but a horrible crippling bug in the 360's build. I sent it away for a repair and enjoyed GTA4 on my PS3. While not as frantic fun as previous installments GTA4 did have a lot going for it. Graphics, voice, acting, gameplay, and serious story overtones. It is the last two pluses that were also its minuses. No more could we jump out of planes, skydive, get on a bmx, and ride off a cliff with a parachute, the story also had its sad moments something that caught me quite off guard at the time. Big beautiful missions were needed but only one really produced; the infamous bank job with my favorite irish family. The main character on the other hand in my opinion was refreshing in his ways as he sought redemption rather than a quick buck.

The Playstation 3 could do a lot more than the 360 like store videos and pictures to the HDD, play older PS2 and One games and it was instant love.

Of-course love is rocky and I was to soon find out that the PS3 also had it's read ring version. Over the 11 years I had two 360 breakdowns and in the end I brought a newer version. The PS3 broke down once and I got a new version replacement for free! Though it did not play the PS2 games.

I did however loose all of my saves :(

A new era was beginning for me I had made an account wth GS while at a net cafe and I was going to get the internet put on soon. Normally technology doesn't freak me out (unless it goes wrong), but for some reason I was kind'a anxious about it. I soon realized that it wouldn't work on my consoles, it was sad , but one thing good I had joined the Gamespoter community! Shy as ever it took me some time but I fit in once I discovered the Mass Effect Universe Union, JodyR's leadership, what a moderator was, and the wonderful world of website glitches lol.

Mass Effect 2 had been released and I had found a gem of a game, a gem called Alpha Protocol.


It was MI-5 (Spooks in AUS), mixed with Mass Effect 2, and MGS. Sadly it wasn't well received and not many played it. The problem was in one simple game mechanic the critics thought was a bug. It wasn't. In the game you had a circle cross hair not unlike ME2, however unlike ME2 you had to wait till another cross hair lined up for a precision shot. This of-course could be hastened by the LV Up system.

I soon had to get another wireless modem because the old one kept overheating. I also got a new PC with nividia so I could finally play the Witcher that I had owned an been unable to play for several years. I also foundout how to connect my modem to my consoles through my new laptop :D

I discovered the joy of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 and eventually Battlefield 3.

And so it came to pass that the year of Dragons, bugs, and bad endings had begun!

Skyrims launch was as epic as the game, battlefield 3 was unplayable until the biggest patch in history was released and then there was Mass Effect. Mass Effect was brilliant all the way to the end, and then meh... Three colours to chose from with little difference between the endings. There was an uproar and Bioware acted fast, releasing an extended, mutch better ending completely free.

Final Fantasy XIII-2's ending sucked (Spoilers)

Everyone died.

(Spoilers End)

Battlefield wasn't the only great game to get a massive fix, Skyrim, Star Trek Online, and even Gamespot needed patching!

I soon discovered my first MMORPG called Star Trek Online F2P although I've spent around $200 on it :P

Large << My main Romulan MMO Character.

I learned that JodyR is leaving us, so be sure to say goodbye folks. She has been our leader all these years. Great job girl!

Now there is so much left out: FFXIII, Fallout, my love of Cyber/steampunk games libe Bioshock Infinite and Deus Ex, smilies! and because of this there might be a part two to this, but to move along we get to the future bit.

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One generation is coming, and for the first time in 12 years I'm not going to get both consoles. 

I plan to get a PS4, inFamous Second Son, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4 version), Killzone Shadowfall, Saints Row IV, Beyond Two Souls, and to finish this generation on a high GTAV!

Image 1

EDIT: With the news of Microsofts 180 turn around one most of what they have been saying I'm going to watch what happens over the next year before I buy it, or should I say if I buy it.