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Logitech Gaming Keyboard Review

Since I started on my new book I have been getting terrible back pains because my laptop in at the wrong angle besides my bed. As weird as it is my laptop isnt meant to be moved while on, crazy for a lap-top I know. Without any room for a desk, I thought I might by an Overbead table, but the price was way over budget. So after a while I came up with the idea of buying a new keyboard with a 2 meter extension cable and a really BIG TV.

I ended up buying a Logitech Gaming Keyboard, and while I brought it for writing I can tell you it is perfect for both.

It has 12 reprogrammable buttons that I mostly use as shortcuts to folders, a link to GS and media player. These buttons can be turned into thirty six with three mapping buttons.

A USB port at the rear of it gives easy access port for your mouse and there are ports also for a gaming headset!

Due to my insomnia I write mostly at night and this is where another great feature comes into play. Each button has its own individual light and illuminates the keys into programmable colours that can be changed on the fly by the mapping buttons.

It also has DVD control buttons, headset volume control, PC volume control, and lighting on and off dial and buttons.

If you dont want to use all the snazzy cool features you can turn them off via a switch.

I highly recommend this awesome keyboard from gamers and non-gamers alike.

And yes this was written with it.


Easy to use 5/5

Light 5/5

Coolness 5/5

As for the writing being in bold thats just for my eye sight.