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It is going to be up to you guys and girls!

It is going to be up to you guys and girls if I buy a X1 or not. Ill buy a PS4 and read your blogs on the X1 because I am not satisfied with what I have seen so far

Too many questions left unanswered:

What happens when your console breaks down? Do I now have to log in every hour?

The big picture When the Gen after X1 ends does this mean I cant play it anymore?

I buy consoles for my younger cousins, if they cant afford the internet they cant play - this sucks!


I dont buy many second hand games but being charged full price to play one is extreme especially when the price includes shipping and DVD distribution costs that are not relevant in second hand games.


If you are new to my blog I'm not a fanboy, I'm a multi-platform gamer.

Check out matastigs blog for thurther thoughts on the X1 HERE - comment here first though ;)

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