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GTA V Torturous Torture (Possible SPOILERS in the comments)

Seriously where is the skip button with this one?

If you have a weak stomach don't watch this on you tube. I just played it in the game and I hated it. I'm not into brutality it made me feel sick. This isn't an article about whether it should be there (freedom and all that). This is about my wish for there to be a way to skip it.

GTA V is really fun, it's tong in cheek humor makes sure that no one, who isn't trying to make a name for themselves in politics, gets that it is a parodic joke. Sure it's R18+ for obvious reasons, but so is the Shield, Game of Thrones, excerta. With movies, TV, and even books I can skip any content I feel uncomfortable with. With the exception of Modern Warfare 2 this is something we are unable to do in gaming so far.

So what if someone loves a game like GTA that's content is fine except 10 brutal minuets? Should game developers consult this issue. Find away for all types to be able to enjoy content that is spoiled for them due to their own individual tastes? 

I kind'a like what Trevor said at the end of the mission. It was almost as if they were trying to put a serious message in it.

However Rockstar this isn't a serous game..